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11 Tools and Resources that Revolutionized My Design Business

Hi friends! I get a lot of lovely ladies/ gents/ uber-talented aspiring designers reaching out to me via my Instagram and email with questions about my process and how I’ve grown my business. I decided that it might be useful to compile all of my go-to resources for education and simply running my business in a blog post for super easy reference. I hope that these tools and resources help and empower you to navigate your processes and grow your biz, too!

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The #1 Key to Good Brand Design + what to look for in a designer

It seems that ever since my design career has come to fruition, everyone I meet (and their cat) is a graphic designer or works in the creative world. To be honest, I love it. It reminds me of when I bought my beloved 2002 VW Jetta and slowly began to nearly exclusively see other silver Jettas on the road. And damn, I loved that car- shout out to Ruby. (Yes, I had a silver car named Ruby; this is a judgement free zone.)

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