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Uplevel your Life and Business through Vision Boards

You have probably already breached the topic of vision boards in your day-to day conversations or personal podcast consumption. For me personally, I have been really interested in learning about and implementing mindfulness and manifestation practices over the past year of my life. This newfound interest may have had something to do with living in Asia (crazy mindful and peaceful cultures compared to home in Canada!) for the past year of my life. Now that I’m home in Canada for a brief spell, I’m trying to be super intentional about keeping up the good habits and practices that I began implementing into my life during my time abroad.

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How I Use Positive Mantras to Improve my Business and Life

I recently started a series of graphics on my instagram where I share a “positive business mantra” of mine and expand on it in the caption. By series, I mean that I’ve done two so far, but HEY- I have every intention of continuing this as I really enjoy it- and my followers seem to be also. (I mean they can’t all be my mom posing on fake accounts, can they?) Trigger warning: mega cliche sentence incoming: it is so easy to get caught up these days, with social media and what not. Ha. But seriously, when you’re a solopreneur, the lines between business and personal get blurry. In some cases, the two worlds just plain meld in to one another.

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