How I Use Positive Mantras to Improve my Business and Life

I recently started a series of graphics on my instagram where I share a “positive business mantra” of mine and expand on it in the caption. By series, I mean that I’ve done two so far, but HEY- I have every intention of continuing this as I really enjoy it- and my followers seem to be also. (I mean they can’t all be my mom posing on fake accounts, can they?)


Trigger warning: mega cliche sentence incoming: it is so easy to get caught up these days, with social media and what not. Ha. But seriously, when you’re a solopreneur, the lines between business and personal get blurry. In some cases, the two worlds just plain meld in to one another. I’m someone who has struggled with a high level of sensitivity my whole life, which is in some cases great, but in most cases bad. I take most things personally, and a negative or mean comment can truly take over and ruin my day. Enter: being a business owner when your livelihood depends on what you create and lives and breathes on Instagram. 

So, I’m not sitting here complaining about how I get negative comments on my Instagram account, as honestly, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. My instagram community is incredible, supportive, and so talented in their own right. Thanks guys! What I am saying with regards to taking-everything-personally problem is that there is always a fear in my mind of judgement for posting something or god forbid, a negative comment.

The other side of the sensitivity coin has nothing to do with social media and everything to do with being a business owner. Not that being a designer is the most dog-eat-dog of worlds, but man, people can be MEAN. And guess what yo, if you’re nice, soft, and accommodating (aka WEAK af), people will take full advantage of that in your working relationship. I would never call anyone out as that literally goes against every single thing I stand for (and this sentiment is not directed at any client or person in particular) but what I will say is that I have allowed people to make me feel like total CRAP. I’ve allowed another human to make me feel worthless, unimportant, and bad at my job. And guess what, yo? 1. None of that is true, and 2. It’s completely my fault for buying into what I THINK other peoples opinions are, rather than being confident and standing my ground. 

Oftentimes, we as humans make inferences about what another person is thinking or feeling based off of little evidence. I am, self-professed, the most GUILTY person of this ever. It is something that I am working very hard on to overcome, or at least consciously impact. I do this really fun thing where if someone gives me a certain look, doesn’t reply to an email for a few days, or stops for a pause at a weird time on a phone-call, I assume that something’s wrong and worse yet, it must be because of me. How HORRIBLE is that! I’ve gotten much better at this, particularly since integrating the law of attraction, manifestation and meditation into my values and daily routine, but there is a gut reaction that I possess as outlined as above that I’m sure many of you reading can relate to. It’s a hard one to kick.

Speaking of mindfulness, this is where mantras come in. Positive mantras, at that. No negative mantras here; sorry Nancy! Mantras, under my understanding and personal definition, are positive phrases that you repeat to yourself (just in your head- or say it out loud if you want I suppose…) to improve certain areas of your life (eg. Self-esteem, productivity.) For me, I need to remind myself constantly that I’m doing it, I’m doing okay, and everyone has days where they feel like the sky is falling. (Spoiler alert, it’s not.) I have enjoyed creating mantras related to my experience in business, as I feel like business is a tricky area where it’s easy to forget that we are all fragile humans simply dealing with other fragile humans. It’s easy to lose ourselves and our values into our businesses when we become busy and need to remember to make a living. 

It’s really incredible the affect that mantras can have on your life and the way you go about running a business. The effects of mantras are particularly amplified if you integrate them into a meditation practice; but that’s for a whole other blog post! The idea is that the more you repeat a phrase to yourself, the more engrained it becomes in your psyche. The more engrained the mantra, the more you will act under it’s pretense. It’s essentially a self- fulfilling prophecy. 


Here are some of the mantras I’ve created related to my business:

“Money is replaceable, my dreams are not. I vow to always bet on myself.”


I’m a strong believer that the absolute best investment you can make is in yourself. Personal development is a giant part of my life and I attribute 99% of my current success up until this point to my commitment to making investments (of time and money) and “calculated risks” into developing myself and my skills in relation to my business.


“(Introvert) I listen. I am thoughtful. I think before I speak. I value others opinions. I am comfortable with myself and my abilities.” 


I am a huge introvert. I treasure my alone time and I am generally soft-spoken unless I’m around people who I know well. I strongly dislike being the centre of attention. I think that oftentimes being an introvert is seen as a negative quality in the business world. I however think that the positive qualities (outlined above) are hugely overlooked and important to building business relationships. Rather than trying to change myself for my business, I have made it my mission to use my character traits to my advantage. I pay attention and I listen very well, which I think is a keystone in relationship building, which is what I aim to do within my business.

There are many more simple mantras that I use in my day to day life, that I aim to develop and become more consistent with in the new year. A mantra can be something as simple as “today is a good day”, or “I am in a great mood.” I personally love using “I am a magnet more miracles” and “money flows to me easily and freely”. These mindset focused concepts may sound absolutely woo woo to those of you who haven’t heard of this type of exercise before, but I assure you that the impact that these techniques make in your life (and business!) can be extreme. I challenge you to put your mind to work and implement this excercise in however big a way that suits you. If you are committed, you will absolutely witness change in your outlook, mood, and perhaps even your business depending on the type on mantra you’ve chosen.

So- I’d love to know; have you used mantras before? Which mantras are your personal faves? What has been your biggest challenge in 2018 with regards to your mindset? What about your biggest victory? How has your mindset work impacted your business and personal growth in the past?

I hope my words have helped you in some way today and inspire you to take small steps towards big change and self improvement in the new year. If you run a creative business, I think it is absolutely integral for us to ban together like family and share our knowledge on developing ourselves and our strengths to put to use in the world of business.