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How I Use Positive Mantras to Improve my Business and Life

I recently started a series of graphics on my instagram where I share a “positive business mantra” of mine and expand on it in the caption. By series, I mean that I’ve done two so far, but HEY- I have every intention of continuing this as I really enjoy it- and my followers seem to be also. (I mean they can’t all be my mom posing on fake accounts, can they?) Trigger warning: mega cliche sentence incoming: it is so easy to get caught up these days, with social media and what not. Ha. But seriously, when you’re a solopreneur, the lines between business and personal get blurry. In some cases, the two worlds just plain meld in to one another.

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How to Find Your Design Style as a Graphic Designer (5 tips)

I’ve always been someone who lives life in the middle of two extremes concerning my personal style. I’m a really weird mix of being the girliest-most-rose-tones-loving human you’ve ever met and simultaneously baggy t-shirt-adoring and often shopping from the mens section. I freakin’ love men’s t-shirts and don’t really care what anyone says about it! I think my style is a lot like my personality (I don’t know if this a weird parallel to draw) but I’d say I’m pretty much the marriage of relaxed and chilled out AF and like, mega excited about most things.

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My 7 Step Sought After Moodboarding Process

I’ve received a fair amount of comments and compliments on Instagram on my moodboard sharing posts. I’ve even been asked where I get my templates (BLUSH)- the secret’s out- I don’t use templates! Dun dun daaaa! Don’t panic though. I’m here to walk through you step by step how I create curated and creative moodboards for all kinds of brands and projects, so you can take my process and apply it in your own business or life!

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