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Brandcamp Branding Intensive

There's just one week between feeling lost with your brand and standing out in the market with confidence

We'll develop a strategic, emotive brand that will help you attract more customers and grow your business in ONE week... without sacrificing brand strategy.
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brand your business
in just a week

Never sacrifice
brand strategy

Stand out in the market
with confidence

You shouldn't have to wait years until you have all the things figured out before you invest in strategic branding that helps you confidently promote your business.

Can you relate?

✓ You’re a new-ish brand wanting to make wise investments in the start-up phase without sacrificing strategy or qualiity

✓ You’re tired of wasting hours each week tinkering with fonts and colours to piecemeal your brand together – you know DIYing isn’t serving you any longer

✓You love the idea of a brand intensive but don’t want to leave the fate of your brand to just 6-8 hours

✓ Brand strategy is a non-negotiable for you

Partner with us for your very own dedicated Brandcamp week to go from start-up to sought-after real quick.

Are you ready to go from feeling lost and defeated in presenting your business online, to confidently marketing and booking dream clients in just one week?

Brandcamp weeks are intentionally structured to bring you into the role of confident founder who makes sales effortlessly, on repeat.

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“She made growing a brand fun, not stressful.”

“Working with Honey & Co. has shown me the value in investing in a personal brand that really speaks to my audience. It has helped me get clarity on my messaging, and has made growing a brand fun, not stressful – because I understand my brand’s direction and values. I joke that Chelsea “held my hand” through it all, but she truly did. I couldn’t have imagined a better final product.

Jordana Nazzicone

Brandcamp helps you create a strategic, emotive brand in just one week, so you can attract more customers and grow your business without sacrificing brand strategy or your budget.

A dedicated work-week with our studio

A condensed Holistic Brand Strategy including all the essentials for new-ish brands

A highly collaborative process

A fully custom brand identity + guidelines

A speedy turnaround without sacrificing strategy or detail

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  • Peek behind the curtain

    Your Brandcamp Itinerary

    brandcamp Day one

    Brand Strategy

    + 90 minute 1:1 Strategy Session

    + Brand Purpose

    + Target Audience Analysis

    + Competitive Landmarking

    + Core Differentiator

    + Brand Positioning

    and then →

    brandcamp Day Two

    Creative Direction

    + Refinement round to strategy

    + Creative Direction

    + Visual Strategy

    + Colour Palette

    and then →

    brandcamp Day three

    Concept Design Day

    + Font Research

    + Concept design

    + 1:1 Call to finalize direction

    and then →

    brandcamp Day four

    Concept Refine Day

    + Logo suite design

    + 1:1 Call for final refinement

    and then →

    brandcamp Day five

    Export and launch!

    + Brand guidelines

    + Logo suite export

    + Tutorial videos recorded and sent

At the end of your Brandcamp week, you’ll walk away with…

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“I’m finally commanding the right clients and price points.”

Chelsea guides you to who you are and how you want to represent yourself, quickly and efficiently. She nailed exactly what I was looking for, and now I’m finally commanding the right clients and price points.

Krystal Reinhard
Old Soul Decor

Feeling ready to get in on Brandcamp?
Getting started is simple.

01. Submit your application + lock in your date

Fill out the brief application form to jump on a 30 minute intro call with Chelsea. We'll make sure Brandcamp feels like the right option for your needs and vision, and get your date on the design cal.

02. Collaborate with us closely during your Brandcamp week

After the paperwork, you'll fill out our brand intake form so we can hit the ground running on your first day of camp – strategy day!

03. Launch your stylish and strategic brand identity for confident, effortless sales

Walk away from your Brandcamp week with a complete brand strategy and visual identity that fully encapsulates the heart that your brand brings to the world. Cheers!


just one week to achieving your dream branding



$6,000 USD

*Payment plans available

A dedicated work-week with our studio

Condensed Holistic Brand Strategy with all the essentials

A highly collaborative process

A fully custom brand identity + guidelines

A speedy turnaround without sacrificing strategy or detail

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Before developing our Holistic Brand Strategy method, I struggled for years to communicate the value of our studio and sell our services with confidence & conviction.

I’m Chelsea - Founder of Honey & Co., dog mama, craft beer fanatic, and your partner-in-brand. With five years in the industry leading a professional strategy and design studio, I’ve supported dozens of clients in launching, growing, and scaling their brands - from solopreneur start-ups to international corporations.

It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed when trying to create a brand that effectively communicates the value you provide. In fact, if you didn’t feel overwhelmed, I’d be worried. You deserve a branding partner that can fully see you and guide you in building a brand with strategy & empathy for effortless sales and growth long-term. (I know a gal…)

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What sets Brandcamp apart?

A quick turnaround on a detailed brand identity so you can see your return on investment ASAP

Fast, but not
too fast

A highly collaborative process that prioritizes your input just as much as our strategic research

Collaboration X strategy

Brandcamp doesn't rush the creative process and results in a beautifully custom detailed brand - no cookie cutters here

attention to detail

Brand strategy roadmap editable in Google docs
Strategically selected brand typography suite
Brand logo + variations for all uses
Unique, emotion-driven colour palette
Supporting suite of brand marks
Detailed brand guidelines for perfect usage
launch your brand in one week

Wondering if Brandcamp is the right fit?

Brandcamp is perfect for you if…

✓ You like the idea of an intensive/fast paced project, but don’t want the risk of sacrificing strategy or leaving the fate of your visual brand to an 8 hour work sprint

✓ You’re a new-ish business or solo-preneur

✓ You value brand strategy but don’t have the time or funds to commit to a full fledged strategy and messaging project

✓ You love the idea of having a dedicated brand partner in your corner for an entire work week

✓ You’re ready to launch your brand strategically… like yesterday

✓ You have a business idea or existing brand that needs a strategic and design partner to bring it to life, and fast

Brandcamp might not be for you if...

You’re an existing business with a growing team looking to further your brand recognition, loyalty, and customer base through in-depth strategy and design

You prefer an elongated process that allows for longer refinement periods and collaboration over months rather than one week

You’re looking for full-fledged Holistic brand Strategy that includes in-depth professional brand messaging and content strategy

*Check out our custom design projects if you're in search of more bells & whistles


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much time do I need to set aside during my Brandcamp week?
  • How will communication work throughout the week?
  • How is Brandcamp different from other brand intensive offers?
  • Can I pay in installments?
  • Can I come back to you for ongoing design projects?

Create a strategic, emotive brand in just one week, so you can attract more customers & grow your business without sacrificing brand strategy or the creative process.

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