Meet the girl behind the studio


Hey! I’m Chelsea…

I’m a branding strategist and graphic + web designer from Victoria, BC, Canada. I’m a free spirited artist at heart, and spend most of my time living + running my business far away from home. I graduated from university with a double major in Environmental Studies and Sociology. These days, however, I tend to spend my days in coworking spaces in tropical places, pursuing my passion in brand design.


I am beyond grateful to be here.


I am honored that you are considering putting your trust (+heart + soul; your brand!) into me. Thanks to you, I get to live out my dreams every day.

Together, we make magic. We build brands that attract tribes and communities through their radical authenticity and streamlined consistency.

I believe kindness is key and feel fortunate to live in a world where we have the ability to support and collaborate with each other so easily online. Truly beautiful things happen when women who are rooting for one another’s dreams get the opportunity create something together.

I love working with mindful businesses whose values reflect my own; in the realms wellness, environmental advocacy + animal welfare, self-improvement, and female empowerment. If that sounds like you +/ or your business, you have come to the right place.

My work is inspired by minimalism, clean lines, nature, and the passion that radiates from whole-hearted businesses. (That’s you. Thank you.)

I’m obsessed with red wine (California zin or cab, or whatever you have in that box over there), scam buster’s on Youtube, and literally anything that has to do with goats (baaaah.) I’m a total skincare and beauty fanatic- I could spend HOURS in Sephora, though I wear very little makeup + have a super basic routine IRL. My favourite thing to look at on Pinterest is beauty packaging, hands down. (Hi @aesop! #fangirl)

If I’m not designing my day away in a co-working space or coffee shop, you’ll likely find me somewhere chasing a sunset (literally chasing because I’m about to miss it), cruising very cautiously on a scooter, reading on my balcony, trying to make friends with dogs, or hunting down the cutest cafe to have a cappuccino; cause just like every other gal on the internet, life doesn’t exist before coffee.