Meet the girl behind the studio.

Hi, I’m Chelsea. I’m a branding strategist and graphic + web designer from Victoria, BC, Canada.

I’m The dreamer, doer and designer that is honey & Co. Creative.


When I found design, it felt like coming home.

I want to make your people feel this way when they meet your brand.


about honey & co.


Honey & Co. Creative is a small remote design studio partnering with like-minded businesses and individuals from all over the world. I exclusively partner with brands whose message and values resonate with my own. My client process and relationships go beyond ‘just design’. If you choose to work with me, you can be sure that you will feel seen, supported and understood. I’m all about taking your vision and running with it- while having your business’ best interests at heart.

Design Inspiration

Minimalism, clean lines, nature, and the passion that radiates from whole-hearted businesses. (That’s you. Thank you.)

Core business values

Wellness, environmental advocacy, animal welfare, self-improvement and female empowerment.

My two-cents on investing in your brand

Investing in quality branding and web design is an important step of growing a thriving business. My whole life and studio pack up into a suitcase, so I’ll be the first to endorse the dogma that investing in few, quality key-pieces from the get-go will make all the difference in the long-term. In the business world, your branding and website are two of those non-negotiable elements to invest in. Us humans are visual creatures by nature, and can be quick to judge based off of our feelings. We trust something more when we are familiar with it or it connects with us in an emotional way. This is why the look and feel of your branding can make all the difference when it comes to being successful among with ‘your people’. This is beyond a desire to have an aesthetically “cute” logo. This is about defining a brand that feels authentic and sparks a relationship between your company and whom you seek to serve.


about chelsea

I’m a dream chaser who wants nothing more than to support dream chasers. I know exactly what it’s like to have a passion and a desire to share it authentically with the world. I feel incredibly fortunate that my job is inherently entangled with not only my own passion and purpose, but also my clients’.

I put a huge value on life experiences as opposed to status or possessions. I have been an avid traveller from a young age, and the ability to do my job from anywhere in the world is a big part of why I do what I do. I’m Canadian, but spend the majority of my time living in Bali, Indonesia.

I’m obsessed with red wine, “scam buster’s” on Youtube, and anything that has to do with goats. I’m a total skincare and beauty fanatic- I could spend HOURS in Sephora, though I wear very little makeup + have a super basic routine IRL. My favourite thing to look at on Pinterest is beauty packaging, hands down. (Hi @aesop! #fangirl)

If I’m not designing my day away in a co-working space or coffee shop, you’ll likely find me somewhere chasing a sunset (literally chasing because I’m about to miss it), cruising very cautiously on a scooter, reading on my balcony, trying to make friends with dogs, or hunting down the cutest cafe to have a cappuccino; 'cause just like every other gal on the internet, life doesn’t exist before coffee.


“Chelsea was incredible to work with. She has a creative eye and understood our vision from the first consultation.”

Tanya Lee, Tobimax Textiles