Welcome, friend!

If you’ve been linked to this page, chances are we’ve officially decided to take you on as our newest client! Yaay!

I am so excited to get started with you. I have created this page to help you get better acquainted with what is to follow in the weeks ahead.

As always, don’t hesitate to send me a note at hello@honeyandcocreative.com.


Good to know + FAQ’s. Please read before we begin!


Honey and Co. Creative uses a project management software called Asana. My goal with Asana is to keep projects more organized, on track, and out of email as much as possible. I've invited you via email, so please follow the instructions and once in, click on "(project name)" in the left column. Your schedule will then appear on the right side of the screen and if you click on the first task (that says "Start Here — CLICK ME!"), you'll find all of the next steps (contract, downpayment, etc.) outlined.

Chances are, I’ve already linked you to the following virtual forms.

  1. Your Contract (Please e-sign this before we begin)

  2. Your Invoice (Please pay the 50% deposit via the link before we begin).

  3. Your Branding or Website Questionnaire

Please read over and e-sign your contract. This is super easy to do at the bottom of the form! Things like timeline, payment, ownership, file handover and cancelation policy are very important for both of us to know prior to our time together.

Please fill out your questionnaire to the fullest and best of your abilities. I may send you an invite to a strategy call to review and expand on the responses to your questionnaire when the tasks listed above are all complete. This strategy session is dependant on the type of package that you have selected for your brand.

Please be aware of what is included in your package. You can find a detailed scope of work outlined in your contract, an explanation of my packages on my website, and a rough timeline on our Asana page. Please understand that any work outside of the agreed upon scope of work (see your contract for your custom and complete scope) will incur additional fees. (eg. Additional website pages, additional logo revisions, additional phone sessions, or any purchased font or branding elements for the project). My hourly rate for additonal refinements or anything outside of the original scope of work is $60 US/ hour (with a one hour minimum, in half hour increments thereafter.)

Your payment schedule is based on a rough timeline that has been estimated for your unique project. Your 50% deposit must be paid to reserve your spot in my calendar. The remaining 50% must be paid before the delivery of final files, or on the final date that the project was proposed to finish. This balance must be paid on this date, even if work has not yet been completed. The reason for this is that typically if projects run beyond the proposed schedule, it is due to delay in client feedback. This provides a level of motivation for clients to get feedback in on time. For each day that the project runs beyond the proposed end date due to delay in feedback, a 5% late fee will be applied to the final bill. The reasoning behind this policy is that when projects get pushed back due to a delay in client feedback, time spent on the project encroaches on to the next clients who are waiting for their project in my cue. This allows me to schedule my projects and give 100% of my love and care to my clients as I work on their project. Of course, if the project runs late for a reason beyond control/ not due to delay in feedback, late fees will not be incurred.

Please know that I reserve the right to use any work created throughout this process on my social media and in my portfolio. As a creative visual designer, my social media (re: instagram) is my bread and butter for attracting my ideal client (you!).


All files will be shared via Google Drive throughout the project. I will organize each part of the project into folders, and you will receive an email notification through Asana whenever there is something new for you to approve.

All feedback should take place via Asana apart from pre-scheduled calls. Each task throughout the project will have a box to make comments and an explanation on the most effective ways to do so; please follow these guidelines (also listed below). All projects include 1-2 phone sessions (see your contract for details). Any lengthy calls beyond those included will incur a fee at my discretion. My consultation fee for additional phone calls is $65 US/ hour. Feel free to email me at any point for questions or inquiries that are more general or not related directly to the work at hand.

I do not use my phone number, Facebook, or Instagram to communicate with clients about work. I like to keep my phone time to a minimum so that I can dedicate my time where my heart truly lies; designing your beautiful brand and/ or website!

If you email me with feedback or a query, you can expect to hear back from me within 48 hours in the working week. If I don’t reply to you right away, don’t panic. Chances are I’ve seen your message, and am working to implement whatever you have reached out about. I block off certain times specifically for emails and client relations so that I can spend time doing what I truly love (designing your awesome brand/ website!) If 48 hours pass and you still haven’t heard back, please reach out again. This rarely happens- but sometimes life takes over or emails get lost in the shuffle.

Files that are shared with you will be appropriately titled as benchmarks as to where we are in the project (refinement-one.PDF etc.) Please try your best to be mindful of the proposed timeline and schedule, as well as the maximum included number of refinements in your package (see “Refinement Periods” below).

MOODBOARD + Strategy documents

One of the first steps in my design process following initial intake is an inspiration moodboard that must be approved by you before I continue with the design. Package dependent (mini, signature, or web), there may also be a brand strategy document for you to approve (created based on a strategy session.) The goal of your moodboard (and/or strategy document) is to make sure that we are both on the same page moving forward. If there is anything that feels off, or missing, please let me know. The earlier we catch feelings lingering in the wrong direction, the easier it is to correct! Moodboards and their corresponding colour palettes do not need to be perfect, they are simply used as a base to grow. But, if anything feels glaringly off, do not heistate to let me know.

Want an inside look at my moodboard process? Check out this blog post.

Refinement periods

Each project or package will have a set number of refinements included (or time frame for refinement, like in the website design package.) If you are curious about the refinements included in your package, please consult your contract or proposal. Here at Honey & Co. Creative, I use the world refinement (instead of “revisions”) as the part of our process where you provide feedback. The word “revision” pits both parties against one another from the very beginning, implying that what is presented will have something wrong with it. While I certainly don’t claim be perfect by any means, I’d rather you not come into your project with negative expectations, either! This is the purpose of spending an extensive time on brand discovery and strategy at the beginning of your project. This allows me to collaborate with you on mindfully developing and creating a solution that has your brands best interest at heart. So, instead of focusing solely on whats wrong, we’ll analyze what’s working and tap into how we can make the design even better. Sometimes, this takes shape in the form of small tweaks, other times, new in-sight and discussion will visually transform the original solution into something stronger. Either way, it’s all a part of the process, and we’re excited to see where it will take us!

A guide to providing feedback

Your feedback is crucial to the success of your project.

Please try your best to provide feedback to me within 3 business days (72 hours) of receiving an Asana notification for work to review. Of course, I’m a human and I totally understand that life gets in the way; but do let me know if you know that you will be behind on feedback. I book months in advance and work on a schedule, making this helpful not only for me, but my other clients who are in the lineup waiting for their project to begin.

Questions to focus on during the refinement period:

  1. What aspects (like font, colour, illustration, etc.) of this design will resonate with your target market, and why?

  2. What aspects (like font, colour, illustration, etc.) of this design could be improved upon for your target market, and why?

Once you have taken the time to thoughtfully respond to these questions, we will decide whether we have enough information to move forward, or may invite you to to a scheduled call to briefly go over the feedback you have provided.

Here are some further pointers for giving great feedback:

  • Be honest. If you don’t like something, let me know as soon as possible. I won’t be offended, and I will be happy to pivot the project or concept in a direction that better resonates with your vision.

  • Be specific. Try your best to articulate what is not working for you, and why it’s not working- Is it the colours, the font, the layout, the general feel, or a combination of multiple factors?

  • Ask why. I pride myself on purposeful and strategic design, and I would love to talk you through my thought process.

  • Refer to your goals. Keep in mind your brand goals, values, and ethos that we have established in the discovery portion of your project.

  • Relate to your audience. Keep your audience in mind as you suggest refinements on the design. What do they need? What will they love?

  • Ask yourself: If I were to share this design with a group of people in my target audience, would it resonate? Does it feel natural and genuine to my brand?

  • Pull from the brand moodboard and/ or strategy document when taking in the design. Does it feel aligned? Is there some piece of the moodboard that you wish were better represented in the concept?

Website design Information

  • Website projects are booked 1-3 months in advance not only due to demand, but also to give you (the client) enough time to prepare all of your content.

  • Following your questionnaire, we will have a brief strategy call to discuss the flow of your site.

  • Following that call, I will provide you a customized content map and folder to place your content in, leading up to the design week.

  • I work on websites during a one week build period followed by a one week revision period.

  • Please ensure that:

    A. All of your content is ready PRIOR to the start of “design week.” I can’t do the design without your copy and visual material handy.

    B. You are present and available during refinement week. You have the whole week to submit all revisions to me, and following that period I will charge at my hourly rate ($60 US) for any additional refinement to the site.

  • Subscription to the Squarespace platform following our partnership is not free, but is 20% off for the first year of subscription for my clients as I am a Squarespace circle memeber. Horray!

Read on about both the website and branding process here.


  • I require the final invoice payment (50% + any additional fees) before any file or website handover takes place.

  • I do not release editable files (.AI, .INDD, or .PSD) except for logos.

  • If you would like additional file types, colours, formats, etc. that is absolutely possible, but you must pay for them. Just email me for a quote!

  • If there is any work that you request be kept a secret (eg. off of my social media) please make me aware of this before our project begins.

I am way too excited to get to work on your project with you. Please stay tuned in your inbox as the process moves along, and always email me if a question or concern comes up! :)

- Chelsea