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Currently booking March and April brand strategy + design projects

Brand Strategy & Design Services

Emotion-driven brand experiences for beauty, wellness, and creative service-providers

If the struggle to stand out in a saturated market is stealing your joy, unclench your jaw. You’ve come to the right studio.

My heart beats for helping founders like you transform their identity, reputation, and revenue through a holistic approach to strategy, messaging and design.
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Brand Foundations: Intensives

Brandcamp Branding Week

The gist: Brand strategy & design in one week

Best for entrepreneurs and new-ish salons or studios, Brandcamp is an accelerated project structure that condenses my signature brand strategy and design process into one dedicated week. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to position, promote, and book out your premium services to dream clients with ease and confidence online.

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Brand Strategy Roadmap includes:

Brand purpose
Core values
Target audience profiling
Competitive landmarking
Unique differentiator
Positioning framework

Core messaging
Voice and tone
Photography direction
Design direction
Preliminary colour palette

$5,000 US (payment plans available)

*Brand strategy is non-inclusive of design execution (see next offering)

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Bells & Whistles: Custom Projects

Holistic Brand Strategy™, Brand and Website Design

The gist: Tailored projects for growing brands

Best for established and growing brands, custom-scope projects are tailored-to-you, in-depth (1-5 month) experiences to cover every aspect of your clients’ experience with your brand. From strategy and messaging to a full brand identity design and conversion focused website design. Leave with a living, breathing brand experience that speaks to the heart of your clients’ desires, needs, and problems.

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We serve good-hearted shops + service boutiques, including . . .

Hair Salons
Floral Shops
Yoga Studios
Lifestyle Boutiques

Interior Designers
Coffee Shops
Day Spas
Wedding Vendors
Expert Consultants


Your design experience is completely tailored to your needs; no two packages are the same. We’ll provide you with a custom quote for every visual touchpoint on your unique customer journey, so that connecting with your people will feel easier and more effective than ever.

Your custom quote will cover everything in the Holistic Brand Strategy™ above, plus design executions that could include:

Brand identity design
Logo design
Typography selection
Colour palette
Pattern design
Brand art or texture
Brand guidebook

Business card design
Signage design
Hangtag design
Guides or booklets
Packaging design
Instagram graphics
Website design

From $12K US (payment plans available)

For a custom estimate and timeline, apply to work together.

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“She made growing a brand fun, not stressful.”

Working with Honey & Co. has shown me the value in investing in a personal brand that really speaks to my audience. It has helped me get clarity on my messaging, and has made growing a brand fun, not stressful – because I understand my brand’s direction and values. I joke that Chelsea “held my hand” through it all, but she truly did. I couldn’t have imagined a better final product.

Jordana Nazzicone

Hey, we made you something.

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