Become the go-to choice in a saturated market through bespoke strategy and design that connect on an emotional level.

Go from 'one of many' to 'the one'

It’s time to bid farewell to:

–– “Me too” design and messaging that doesn't feel authentic and leaves consumers feeling jaded
–– The exhaustion of doing business in a crowded market
–– Searching for a unique “je-ne-sais quoi” to stand apart from the rest

Brand Strategy and Design for mindful founders who are ready to become their customers' ride-or-die.

— Magnetically attract new customers through design and messaging that elicit an emotional connection
— Intensify your customers' feelings of attachment and loyalty
— Emotionally reward and nurture your customers' affinity towards your brand

With the right process and tools, your brand will:

Our clients know that lusted-after brands don’t happen by accident.

Wondering how this all works?

Your brand is more than just the sum of its parts. It’s our job to work with you to intentionally unearth and bring to light what makes up your unique advantage in the competitive landscape.

We take a holistic, strategy-first approach to transforming the way the world sees your brand. 







The Honey & Co. Approach

We first partner with our clients on creating a brand strategy that acts as the plan to differentiate them in the market moving forward.

Typical partnerships continue on with emotion-driven brand design; built around the target audience and core brand messaging.

We then offer end-to end design execution across all customer touch-points to build trust and heighten brand affinity.



Our collaboration typically continues with emotion-driven brand design built around the target customer and core brand messaging.



We then offer end-to end design execution across all customer touch-points to build trust and heighten brand affinity.

You wouldn’t build your custom dream home without a structurally sound blueprint and laying the correct foundation first, right? Brand strategy is where the true magic happens, because it’s where we work together to uncover and shape the essence of your future competitive advantage. 

Holistic Brand Strategy™

Phase one

Brand strategy allows us to effectively understand your problem, your customers, and your unique position in the market. 

Brand Purpose
Core values
Target audience profiling
Competitive landmarking
unique Differentiator
Positioning framework
core messaging
Voice and tone
Creative proposal

Brand Strategy Roadmap includes:

Emotive direction
Design direction
Suggested colour palette

3 Week Timeline/ $3,000 USD Investment

project application

*Brand Strategy only, please see next section for details on custom design execution

An emotion-evoking image makes your brand irresistible. After we’ve co-created the strategic roadmap to set you apart in your market, we offer optional creative design execution in-house for a full-service branding experience. 

Together, we’ll transform your strategy into reality through detailed, strategic design execution across every customer touchpoint. You can think of strategy as the map, and design as the car. We first create our map, and then suggest the most appropriate vehicle options to get us to your final destination.

Emotive Brand Design

Phase two

Design has the unique capacity to harness and influence human emotion, and ultimately—your bottom line. 

Brand identity design
Logo design
Typography selection
Colour palette
pattern design
Brand art/ texture
Brand guidebook
Business card design
Signage Design
Hang tag design
guides/ booklets
packaging design
Instagram graphics
Showit website design

Common design executions:

Enquire For A Custom Estimate and Timeline

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"Working with Chelsea is like working with a friend- everything she does has a personal touch- from her communication, to the way she presents everything. Developing my brand has felt like a great partnership."

- Jordana, herkind

"Thank you for taking my ideas and bringing them to life. I can't wait to see where the next 10 years takes me as a result of this amazing project."

- Corie, Olive Tree Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire Honey & Co. to just design my logo or branding?

We strongly believe that a strategic, holistic brand experience is the key to equipping you with all the right tools you need to see a long lasting return on your investment. For this reason, we do not offer design without strategy. However, we do offer strategy without design! :)

How do we get started?

We’re so excited to hear from you! Please fill out the brief client application form, and you’ll hear from us in two-to-three business days. If we feel like we’re the right fit to support your business, we'll send along a link to book a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Chelsea at a time that works for your schedule.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! Brand strategy projects are billed in two payments. Typical design execution projects require a 50% deposit to save your spot, with the remainder billed across the duration of the project (most often between two and five months).

Can you help me in "X" industry?

Our typical clients are owners of boutique shops or service-based businesses, like: Naturopaths, Hair Salons, Floral Shops, Yoga Studios, Lifestyle Boutiques, Interior Designers, Coffee Shops, Day Spas, etc. However, if your brand is on a mission to bring more good-ness into the world, we’d love to hear from you. And if we don’t think we can help, we’ll be transparent and point you in the right direction.

Can I come back to you for ongoing design projects?

Yes! Once we’ve done strategy and branding together, you have access to our studio for project based design as your brand continues to grow. As a past client, simply shoot us an email and we’ll reach back out to book a design consultation with you.

Become the brand that your customers tell their friends about.

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