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brand identity design

It’s time for your brand to drip with confidence, inspire your people, and finally reflect your true essence.

Build a brand that beacons your dream clients and effortlessly communicates the quality, vibe, and value of your services
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holistic brand identity design

holistic brand identity design

holistic brand identity design

You’re a self-professed sucker for the details

But when it comes to your current brand, it’s just not *giving* luxury.

  • You know you're a pro, but your DIY brand from those business cards you made two years ago say other wise
  • You see your peers rebranding and wonder if you'll ever be able to hone in on a style that wholly reflects you
  • You find yourself wondering if getting more training and qualifications would grow your brand faster (they won't)
  • Your current design and aesthetic feels so far off from *you* that you dread sending people to your pages
  • You're constantly comparing yourself to bigger names in industry you look up to and wondering what they've got that you don't
You deserve a brand that amplifies your value, charms your ideal customers, and tells your story.
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Your future with your dream brand:

  • You just updated your sign to match your new logo (and of course you posted it to Instagram)
  • You brand looks the way you had it on your vision board (and you are actually using it)
  • Your brand finally matches the skill level you're at (you've been doing this longer than some of your clients have been alive)
  • You're clear on what the next steps are for you and HOW you can continue to grow your brand online
  • You're being approached for features, interviews and partnerships with brands you'd only dreamt of before
Packages + pricing

Brand Identity Design Packages

It takes your ideal client 2 seconds to form an opinion about your brand. Let's make them count.
Designing your dream brand isn't just about selecting the right fonts and colours.

It's about building an experience that tickles the senses and pulls on the heart strings of your ideal clients through design psychology, language, and imagery.

Transform your influence, visibility, and credibility through my holistic approach to building a timeless, true-to-you brand experience that magnetically attracts the right people.

The Weekender

2.5 day timeline

Step out of the sea of sameness and into the spotlight with a cohesive brand identity your ideal customers will obsess over.

In just 2.5 days, you’ll undergo a total transformation from brand development to visual design, giving you the momentum you need to stand out and capture your soulmate clients attention in a saturated market.

Investment: $3,500 US
What’s included

Brand strategy alignment call

Primary logo, Alternate logo, Colour palette, Typography pairings, Usage guidelines

Brandcamp Week

5 day timeline

Transform your business from just another option in the market to a leading brand that attracts your dream clients like bees to honey.

Gain crystal-clarity on your unique value in the market, and craft a dream visual branding identity and aesthetic that truly reflects the quality and vibe of your services.

Investment: $5,500 US*
What’s included

Brand Strategy VIP Day

Logo family, Brand marks, Colour palette, Typography pairings, Custom textures, Brand usage guidebook

Luxe Brand Identity Kit

4 week timeline

Solidify your position as the go-to expert in your market with my most luxurious branding experience designed to elevate not just how your brand looks, but how it feels to your soulmate customer.

From personalized strategy to intricate and expansive brand identity design, each element is carefully crafted to tell your story, attract your ideal clients, and leave a lasting impression that drives loyalty and sales.

Investment: $8,000 US*
*Upgrade to Luxe Strategy & Messaging Kit for $2500
What’s included

Brand Strategy VIP Day

Logo family, Brand marks, Colour palette, Typography pairings, Custom textures, Brand patterns, Illustrations/icons, Sub-branding for your method, service or program, Brand usage guidebook

roll out the red carpet

Your experience as my VIP client

All of my services operate on a one client model, which means I work with one client at a time.

This allows you to see a meaningful ROI in a shorter amount of time, and with my dedicated focus on you and your brand alone, you’ll never be left waiting on lengthy revisions or wondering what comes next.

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your next steps

Your dream brand is just 3 steps away

01. Pick your service(s) and submit your project application

Choose the services that align best with your vision and tell me all-the-things about where you're at and where you're heading.

02. Optional consult to map out your dream experience

Opt in for a Zoom consult where we’ll map out the blueprint for your dream branding experience, layer by layer.

03. Lock in your start date & pre-strategy intake

Cue the living room dance party . . . it’s time to collaborate! I’ll send you an intake form designed to help you clarify your vision and fill me in on all the deets before our first strategy sesh.

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Luxe Brand Strategy & Messaging Kit