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The Dream Design Biz

1:1 coaching for designers

Ever feel lost when it comes to the business side of your design business?

Being a great designer is the first step to running a successful design business... But over the years, I've learned that there's a lot more to it. I help you create, maintain, and grow all the other necessary moving pieces. Think of me as your new co-CEO; by your side at the heart of your business for the next six months.

Does this sound familiar?

You're craving consistent income months with clients you love and who love you back

You want to create a luxury, white-glove experience that is tailored to the needs of your ideal client

You're ready to position and market your services in a way that feels good (without the sleeze)

You're ready to set boundaries and create structure in your business to maximize profit

You'd like to streamline your business through scheduling, outsourcing, and automation

You have countless ideas for new offers or passive products, but crave guidance + support to bring them to life

You're ready to look inward to identify what you really want, and what might be holding you back

We're going to go big picture on your dreams.

the dream design biz mentorship

We’ll take a holistic approach to honing your design process, elevating your client experience, tackling your mindset, perfecting your marketing, and increasing your profit. (mic drop)

I've helped my clients quit their jobs, triple their incomes, hire team members, create passive products, book out their services,  and simply feel more confident inside of their businesses, processes, marketing, and professional relationships.

I work with designers who are living in their purpose, but are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed when it comes to business, marketing strategies, and systems. My passion is to help you to build, fine-tune, and scale your design business in a way that brings your goals closer, faster, and feels like you.

Hi, I'm Chelsea!


- Bitty Berlinghoff, easy originals

"Chelsea took me to the depths of myself that I was scared to visit, and then helped me uncover diamonds that I didn't even know were there. The designer I was when I first met Chelsea hardly recognizes the designer I am now. I am equipped to deal with my business, I am able to provide better, more high-quality work for people I am aligned to work with, and I am able to do it in a way that is nourishing for both myself and my clients. I recommend Chelsea to any designer who is looking to level up, to get real with themselves and their business, to figure out what they want to do, how they want to do it, and who they want to do it for."

Feel confident in your

personal Brand presence

marketing strategy

client experience

lead generation

design process

mindset and money

The Dream Design Biz Mentorship is an intimate and immersive 6 month one-on-one coaching experience to support you in growing your business in a way that feels like you.

How it works

This  coaching container is a high-level, intimate space that fully honors where you are at in your unique business. We work and plan based around your goals, your energy, and your personality: meaning no two experiences are the same. We don't work off of a set curriculum, as this is a space that evolves and changes with you as you grow. Below are the three distinct phases we'll be moving through throughout our six months; sometimes sequentially; sometimes all at once.


We'll take stock of your business, and where you're at, through a holistic lens. We'll collaborate to imagine unique systems, processes, and strategies that are tailored to you as a human, and account for your unique strengths, personality, and goals. We'll also be spending time looking at your mindset around your work and money- and work together to tackle any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

We're going to take our ideas, dreams, and concepts from phase one, and analyze the systems and processes that we need to properly execute the vision of your best possible business. This isn't a cookie cuter launch plan, or design process, or email sequence. It's about tailoring strategies and ways of doing business that work best for you, so that you're able to show up to your business with confidence in a way that feels good.

PHASE Three: execution

This is the phase where you'll be putting our work and planning into action (with my full support!) You have me for accountability and problem-solving literally in your back pocket via Voxer (text and voice memo) M-F throughout our entire 6 months. We'll celebrate together through highs, troubleshoot any lows, and continue strategizing and re-tooling as we go.



Six months of two monthly 60-minute 1:1 Zoom calls and unlimited text and voice memo support (M-F) so you can stay accountable, implement, and grow your dream business with my complete support.


Love notes

Love notes



"I quit my day job"

- Bitty Berlinghoff

I gained SO MUCH! I am waaay more confident in my business, I have systems set into place to keep things streamlined, I am way better at communicating with clients, and most importantly I have a better handle on what sort of work I want to do and who I want to do it for. Also I quit my day job and it was so tough and so hard, but I am SO GRATEFUL I did that. I am so excited to grow into my business and to empower others to do the same. I feel like I can do anything now.

Just... pure MAGIC.

- Charlie Sampson

Chelsea was the first person to truly stand up for me as a designer. Before working with her I was so unsure of the value of my potential... but right from the get-go Chelsea blew me away with how strongly she believed in me. Straight away I just KNEW she had my back – like I could seriously count on her. Chelsea is caring but honest. And her delivery of the things I needed to hear most, at the exact time I needed to hear them, was just... pure MAGIC. I cannot thank her enough for helping me let go of the things that were seriously keeping me small. No more will I allow anything into my life that isn't aligned with both my values and dreams. I cannot recommend Chelsea as a coach (and friend) more highly – she is the real deal!

I gained valuable marketing knowledge and attracting my dream clients. You also helped me niche down and it was the best decision because I feel whole and happy showing up for my business everyday. When I first signed up I knew I needed help and I couldn't think of anyone better to help me with the things I was missing in my business and mindset. I came in with the hopes I could start getting client inquires and to get clarity on next steps for my business. Not only did you help me do that, you showed up for me consistently as a friend and mentor which is something I truly needed.

- Brooke VanSchaick

"I feel whole and happy showing up for my business"

"Her focus on truly bringing value to her clients is very evident."

- Chelsea Shorkey

Chelsea has a wonderful approach to her coaching and made me feel very comfortable and like I was chatting with a friend (but a friend with extensive business knowledge!). Her streamlined style led us to cover so much in our meeting. If you feel called to work with Chelsea, go for it! Her focus on truly bringing value to her clients is very evident. You will definitely be in good hands! 

Are you the perfect fit for 1:1 business mentorship?

You're confident in your design skills, but you've been craving support to create sustainability and growth inside of your business.

You've worked with clients before, but you're ready to implement sustainable strategies that keep dream clients coming in the door month over month.

You've done online courses, but you're looking for support that embraces your unique personality, working style, and vision.

You want a mentor who understands and still works in the design industry.

You see your business as a long-term plan and you're ready and excited to put in the work to grow.

You're ready to design packages around your ideal client that make working with you feel like the only option- hello booked out calendar!

You're ready to learn how to sell and market in a way that is empowering and is completely unique to you.

You're ready to uncover and work through your unique mindset and money blocks that have been holding your business back.

- Cahlia Southon, South co. studio

"Working with you has been one of the BEST investments I’ve made in my business to date. And I’m sure that I’ll be saying that for years to come.

Having you in Voxer to celebrate my wins, work through my struggles and just chat all things business has honestly been a life saver. It’s been so comforting, knowing you’re just a voice message away when I need you. It’s made the overwhelming nature of running a business, a little less daunting - so thank you.

You’ve helped me raise my prices, create boundaries + expectations, get serious with my marketing, feel more authentic in my selling (and not so scared to do so), you’ve helped me work through my own insecurities, mindset and anxieties, get clear on my ideal client, create a freebie and create + launch a FREAKIN’ course (and so much more)! You’ve literally helped me take my business to the next level and I couldn’t be more thankful. 

Working with you has not only changed my business, but it’s shaped me into a better (and stronger) person and CEO! Having you along for the ride has been the best blessing and I’ve certainly made a friend for life. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it!"

Whether you’re ready to go full-time in your design business, start getting visible while still feeling like *you*, or lock in consistent 5-10k income months- I’m so excited to help get you there. 


Ready to go all in?