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1:1 coaching for designers →

Custom-to-you, strategy-based, with your vision at its core.

The one-on-one mentorship program for designers who are ready to become their dream clients’ ride-or-die.

Take a load off.

Over my years of being a small studio owner, I’ve come to learn that design skills only play a small role in running a thriving, sustainable business. 

As if client work isn’t hotflash-inducing enough at times; there’s also the marketing, copywriting, client communication, client experience, sales, onboarding, social media, lead generation, project management, scheduling…

Omg. The list goes on. Sound familiar?

Business is heavy when you go it alone.

Like you dream of sharing something with the world, like a new service, a unique message, or a digital product, but the overwhelm sets in when you think of all the possibilities and details.

Exhausted by courses and programs whose methods and frameworks you’ve never fully felt seen in.

A sense of longing to define your brand’s position in the market, but all the one-size-fits-all advice you’ve read on niching and marketing feels too abstract or just plain irrelevant

Like you don’t fit into the mold of what everyone else is doing and you crave support that encourages you to do things your way

Put a Finger Down if you're Feeling

The Dream Design Business Mentorship is my one-on-one, custom mentorship program for designers. I partner with a hand-selected number of studio owners per year, and support them in moving towards their long-term vision faster, and without all the second-guessing that comes along with being a solo-CEO. My clients are humans who were born to design, but feel a sense of heaviness when it comes to marketing, positioning, and managing the day-to-day tasks necessary to build a business... Beyond simply working inside of it.

Let’s redefine what “dream business” means to you.

Got any down? →

Hey, friend. I’m Chelsea Blackwell,
founder and strategy/ design lead at Honey & Co. 


Imagine if you could feel confident in:

Leading your clients through a proprietary, supportive process that sets you apart in the crowded market

Communicating the value you bring to the table with ease

Raising your rates and pricing your projects for wild profitability… confidently

Becoming your clients’ #1 choice through a strong positioning strategy

A sales process that feels good for you and your potential clients

Hiring your first team members if you have goals to expand (or just to delegate the things you don’t love!)

Showing up for your business in a way that feels fun and energizing

Structuring your days in a way that puts your wellbeing first

Setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing you

Creating an effective marketing strategy that holds your natural energy and talents at its core





“I found my love and passion for my job again”

It's really hard to articulate how something has impacted your world when you don't recognize the person or business you used to be haha.

Here's a list of everything I gained from working with you:
+ The ability to identify who is and who isn't my ideal client
+ The strength to say "no" and to have boundaries
+ The confidence to charge what I want and see the value in it
+ A streamlined process
+ A good marketing strategy with content pillars
+ MONEY. Hahahaha. I earned money, by implementing what we worked through
+ The confidence and skills to implement a sales call
+ A love for celebrating the wins, no matter how small
+ A business that I am proud of and is super successful
+ A friend, duh!

And my GOD, have I grown in my confidence, mindset and realising my own worth. DAMNNNN! I'm a whole new person. I also raised my prices exponentially, set my boundaries in place, defined and redefined my ideal audience, created a freebie, grew in my confidence, nailed my processes, added new services and so much more. I found my love and passion for my job again. I found balance. I found me.

Cahlia Southon, South Co. Studio

“You have something really special about you, Chelsea, that allows you to see people for who they are...”

I am so happy with all that we accomplished from figuring out my ideal client, launching a new service, launching a freebie, working on marketing plans, copywriting and all the endless design knowledge tips you shared with me. BUT the thing that I am most grateful for to have gained from you is all the mindset shifts and knowledge that you helped me with. I would say 80% of our mentorship was mindset and I am so glad it was because without a healthy mindset the other things would have never fallen into place. Every time I had a mindset issue the feeling of being reassured and just guided by you always made me feel so much better and that I could confidently manage the situation.You have something really special about you, Chelsea, that allows you to see people for who they are and guide them based on what is best for them not only as a business but as a human being.

Edila Stace-Smith, Blank Tela Studio

“...her delivery of the things I needed to hear most, at the exact time I needed to hear them, was just... pure MAGIC.”

Chelsea was the first person to truly stand up for me as a designer. Before working with her I was so unsure of the value of my potential... but right from the get-go Chelsea blew me away with how strongly she believed in me. Straight away I just KNEW she had my back – like I could seriously count on her. Chelsea is caring but honest. And her delivery of the things I needed to hear most, at the exact time I needed to hear them, was just... pure MAGIC. I cannot thank her enough for helping me let go of the things that were seriously keeping me small. No more will I allow anything into my life that isn't aligned with both my values and dreams. I cannot recommend Chelsea as a coach (and friend) more highly – she is the real deal!

Charlie Sampson, Dear.d.lilah

We’re going to go big-picture on your dreams

Quit their 9-5 jobs

Scale to 6 figures during their first year full time

Hit their first 3K, 5K, 10K, and 20K months

Create and successfully market and launch courses, digital products, and workshops

Hire their first team members seamlessly while increasing profitability

Create proprietary processes and frameworks around their ideal client that can’t be found anywhere else

Create effective and profitable referral programs, VIP days, and retainer programs

Shift their entire business model away from custom work to better support their life-stage

Take healthy breaks away from their business and social media without guilt or stress

Start charging for things they used to do for free, like brand strategy and 1:1 consulting

APPLY for my spot in ddbm

Through DDBM, clients have been able to:

caring for, nurturing, and growing your business.

We’ll take a 3-pillar approach to

You and your business will feel held in this process like being burrito-wrapped in a fuzzy blanket on a snowy December morning. Seriously.

We’ll go through the below pillars sequentially at first, and then revisit them as needed as we adapt and continue to re-imagine as our time unfolds.


Defining a unique position for your design studio in the market is typically the first overarching task that we’ll take on as a team. Your positioning is something that seeps through into every area of your business:

who you target,

how you target them,

what you offer,

how you offer it,

and so on.

This is one of the most rewarding things we’ll do together as it helps set the stage not only for our time together, but for your business trajectory moving forward for years to come.


After we’ve defined where you shine in the market, we’ll look at your offers and processes to ensure that they align with your positioning. Our goal is to ensure that what you offer, and how you offer it, feels irreplaceable to your target audience. Here, we’re looking to:

build in more efficiency,

increase client results,

create a seamless and luxurious experience,

and sometimes, craft a proprietary method or framework to further support your positioning.


When our groundwork is laid in pillar one and two, we move into creating custom marketing and acquisition strategies that align with your personality, preferences, lifestyle and… You guessed it; positioning! We take a holistic approach to building strategies and systems that feel good at your unique stage of business and life, and make it a priority to create foundations that can move and grow with you, even after our time together is over.

Take me to the application!

Completely custom to your unique business

The Dream Design Biz Mentorship is an intimate and immersive program that’s designed to help you grow your business in a way that feels like you.

We don’t use a set curriculum for this program, as we get to be totally 1:1 together for the whole six months. You don’t get any of the stuff that you don’t need, and all of the custom support that you do. Every aspect of what we do is 100% tailored to you and no one else!


You hold the compass throughout your entire experience. I’m here to support you in navigating the route towards your dream design business.

How it works

We start big picture, with your lofty, overarching vision for your business long-term. Then, we consider our steps, craft a plan, create milestones, and define goals. As our time together progresses, we’ll be able to test, tweak, and adapt as your business and life naturally ebb and flow. 

We work together for at least six months, but many clients choose to stick around for longer. This gives us time and space to imagine, create, and adapt all that we do from a place of longevity and sustainability.

You can think of me as your co-CEO, your business partner, your mentor–– whichever you prefer. I’m next to you, and here for you, at every step along the way.

What’s included?

We’ll meet twice monthly for an hour on Zoom to ideate, brainstorm, create, problem-solve, plan, and process. After every call, I send custom notes and action steps, and we keep in touch via Voxer (voice memo and messages) and Asana for material review. You’ll have unlimited weekday access via Voxer for questions, problems, and coaching. There’s no such thing as too much communication–– I encourage you to keep in touch daily, or as much as feels supportive for you.







“Now that I can pinpoint my fears I can work on overcoming them!”

You are a beam of light in this world. You have helped me in ways I can't express and have helped me uncover so much about myself and my business. I was so excited to work with you and finally invest in my business and honestly, that was the best decision I have made for my business! The way you were able to guide me through my thoughts and help me overcome negative thinking patterns has been so beneficial to my life and business. Now that I can pinpoint my fears I can work on overcoming them! You have helped me boost my confidence by 100%! I can now confidently charge my new rates (double than what I was charging when I first started working with you), and I feel confident knowing who my audience is and how to connect with them. Thank you so much for your coaching I am soooo grateful to have spent this time with you!

Aja Duran, Adoro Secco Design

"I am waaay more confident in my business”

Chelsea took me to the depths of myself that I was scared to visit, and then helped me uncover diamonds that I didn't even know were there. The designer I was when I first met Chelsea hardly recognizes the designer I am now.

I am waaay more confident in my business, I have systems set into place to keep things streamlined, I am way better at communicating with clients, and most importantly I have a better handle on what sort of work I want to do and who I want to do it for. Also I quit my day job and it was so tough and so hard, but I am SO GRATEFUL I did that. I am so excited to grow into my business and to empower others to do the same. I feel like I can do anything now.

I recommend Chelsea to any designer who is looking to level up, to get real with themselves and their business, to figure out what they want to do, how they want to do it, and who they want to do it for.

Bitty Berlinghoff, Easy Originals

"... you showed up for me consistently as a friend and mentor which is something I truly needed.”

I remember telling you I wouldn't know what to say when writing captions. I was doubting myself and my qualifications as a designer. You helped me overcome that fear and taught me how to market myself to appeal to my niche. I can confidently say I feel so much excited to talk to my audience because I trust in myself and my skills. I came in with the hopes I could start getting client inquires and to get clarity on next steps for my business. Not only did you help me do that, you showed up for me consistently as a friend and mentor which is something I truly needed. You also helped me niche down and it was the best decision because I feel whole and happy showing up for my business everyday.

Brooke VanSchaik, Flora Creative Co.

“ This course made me step outside my comfort zone and learn more about myself and my business”

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have the courage or confidence to create a course, but your encouragement and mentoring seriously changed that and I could not be more grateful. Your support every step of the way was so tangible - so thank you for that! This course made me step outside my comfort zone and learn more about myself and my business and I really owe a lot of that to you. So thank you for encouraging me to take this step, to create this course and for guiding me through every phase of the creation and launch. 

Cahlia Southon, South Co. Studio

DDBM clients are:

Hungry to move towards their goals, and eager to collaborate

Willing to fail and get back up again

Small-to-mid size design studio owners craving high-touch 360° support that adapts and grows with them

Looking for a mentor who marries mindset work, marketing, systems, and strategy

WILDLY passionate about the work that they do

Craving an open, non-judgmental, supportive space to lean into as they grow

More interested in building a sustainable business rooted in their values than trying to fit into another quick-fix framework or method

Sounds like me– I’m in!

You might be the perfect fit to work together 1:1.

Includes: 6 months of 2x monthly 1 hour Zoom sessions, unlimited daily Voxer coaching, and weekly material review.

Ready to take the next step? The Dream Design Biz Mentorship is application only, as spots are capped due to it’s intimate, 1:1 nature.

Sound like you?

Let’s define what “dream business” means for you. 


$1250 USD/ month

(6 month program)


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? I got you!
(Still have questions? Email me!)

Is this coaching or mentorship?

Honestly–– it’s both. It’s mentorship in the sense that I work in the same industry as you and bring my personal experiences, strategies, and real-life examples to the table. It’s coaching in the sense that I believe you have most of the answers within yourself, and it’s part of my job to be the one who guides and supports you in moving closer towards yourself.

How much time commitment is required of me?

Apart from our bi-weekly calls–– the time that we communicate, and the amount of time that you commit to the work that we’re doing, is completely dependent on what works best for your schedule and your life. You’ll get out of it what you put into it, but you don’t need to worry about drastically changing your schedule or reducing your workload.

How do I know if this is the right fit for me?

If you’ve read this entire page so far and are feeling a sense that this program might be what you need right now, I encourage you to apply. I offer complimentary and optional “vibe check” calls to applicants who seem like a great fit. We meet briefly via Zoom to make sure you’d be the absolute best fit and can feel confident about making this investment in your business.

Can I be on any timezone?

Yes! I will always ensure that there are options for call times that will suit you, no matter where you’re located in the world. I always respond to Voxer messages within 24 hours, and you can send me them at any time of day or night–– my phone stays on silent so you don’t need to worry about waking me up!

What kinds of things can I use Voxer for?

What kinds of things can I use Voxer for?

Anything as it pertains to you and your business! Writing a tough client email and want a second set of eyes before pressing “send”? I’ve got you! Want some quick feedback on a logo you’re creating? Send it over! Stuck on ideas for what to post to Instagram? I’ve got ideas! Had an exciting win? Share it with me so I can find the perfect meme to celebrate with you!

Everything in business is going well–would I benefit from mentorship?

Honestly- YES. If things are going well, and you’re in a season of possibility and “what’s next?” it’s a great time to bring in a second set of eyes. You do not need to have a “problem” to hire a mentor. So long as you feel like you’re craving support that encourages you to explore, expand, and play–– you might be a perfect fit.

I’m a brand new business–would I benefit from mentorship?

If you’re new to business and have a background in design, then yes! I’ve helped a wide range of clients set up strong business foundations, systems, and processes from the beginning, which has helped them to fast-track their growth in the short and long-term. That said, I'm not in the business of selling you a dream or promising you a six figure business off the bat. I AM here to guide and support you in finding your way, and provide you with  tools and strategies that will help you get a head-start in the industry.

“Working with Chelsea was transformational. I found so much value in this program beyond what I thought I would. Chelsea helped me create new lead generation processes, improve my marketing tactics, but most of all she helped me to feel confident in my business. By the time we finished our work together, I had sent a proposal for 3x what I would have charged at the start of us working together. Not because I wanted more money, but because I understood the value of what I was providing my clients and the transformation that I could help them achieve in their own business. Chelsea has a wealth of knowledge around a design business and she doesn't just tell you what you should be doing, she helps you discover the best steps to take for the success of your own business. I feel so much more capable and I'm certain my business will succeed.”

“She doesn't just tell you what you should be doing, she helps you discover the best steps to take for the success of your own business”

Ceara Maguire, Ascent Creative

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