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Permanent makeup artistry so you can get back to being you.

Deauville is a mock cosmetic tattoo studio in Austin, Texas. Deauville is all about living a soft, beautiful life, and giving women the confidence to conquer the day – with or without makeup.

let your beauty light the way

Deauville specializes in permanent makeup for busy gen-z and millennial women who care about aesthetics and trends but only invest in premium services that will help them feel confident for years to come. Deauville’s branding, services, and visual design are all guided by their Deauville Doctrine: timeless and lasting permanent makeup that captures your brightness, softness, and confidence.

The Result

Unlike traditional tattoo salons that favour dark, gritty aesthetics, or cosmetic clinics that lean heavily toward neutral designs, Deauville stands out with a soft, playful, and high-end visual design. The softness of Deauville’s permanent makeup is reflected by the hand-drawn illustrations of deer. While the elegant and modern typefaces pull in the sense of luxury Deauville’s clients look for. This visual identity makes Deauville stand out from other tattoo or cosmetic salons, resonates with its audience, and shows its potential clients the quality they can expect from the salon.

Based in beautiful Victoria BC, Canada, serving worldwide.

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