Standing out, staying true to you, and growing your business just got easier.

Standing out, staying true to you, and growing your business just got easier.

Welcome to the one:
The first of its kind brand positioning course for service-based brands who want to claim their unique, irresistible position in a saturated market.
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Does getting noticed in a saturated market feel nearly impossible because you’re still trying your best to…

  • ✓ Confidently communicate the value of what you do?
  • ✓ Identify your ideal customer and niche market?
  • ✓ Create a meaningful online connection with your people?
  • ✓ Establish a visual brand that resonates with your clients?
  • ✓ Create messaging that aligns with your offers?
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Meanwhile, the online world suggests you’re moving “too slow” and encourages you to put quick solutions in place like…

The truth is, you deserve space to create a unique, irresistible brand that allows you to…

01. Unlock the magic of you

From your story to your expertise, values, purpose, and your why, we’ll dive deep and uncover the parts of you that make your brand a sought-after solution.

02. Connect with your people

Before you can genuinely connect with your audience, you have to take time to understand them. We’ll do this through data, problem-solving, and niching down.

03. Experience growth

While growth is valued differently by everyone, you’ll get the tools you need to position yourself as the go-to choice in the market, so you attract your dream clients.


A new way to boldly position your business in the market is here, and she affectionately goes by: The One.

The first of its kind brand positioning course for those who want to claim their unique, irresistible position in a saturated market.

Module 1: The Magic of You

Module one lays the foundation for the rest of the course by doing a deep dive and exploration of the most essential part of your business: YOU! By the end of this module, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what drives you as a human and business owner, where you shine in your industry, and ultimately what you, uniquely, bring to the table.

✔️ Lesson 1.1: Introduction and Mindset Shift #1

✔️ Lesson 1.2: Your Story and Expertise

✔️ Lesson 1.3: Your Values, Unique Perspectives, and Industry Gaps

✔️ Lesson 1.4: Your Industry Purpose and Why

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Module 2: Understanding Your People

Now that we’ve completed our deep dive on the VIP/main character (you!), it’s time to get to know the close-second most crucial factor of your positioning: your customers! By the end of this module, you’ll have greater clarity on the kinds of people or businesses your brand is best suited to provide for or serve.

✔️ Lesson 2.1: Introduction and Mindset Shift Activity #2

✔️ Lesson 2.2: Wayfinding Strategy

✔️ Lesson 2.3: Niching and Narrowing

✔️ Lesson 2.4: [BONUS] Customer Profile Workshop

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Module 3: Undertstanding the Problem + offering the Solution

Things are about to get juicy! Now that we know who you are (like REALLY) and who you’re the best fit to help, it’s time to expand our understanding about what your people genuinely want and need, so we can tailor our solution to be the perfect fit for their needs.

✔️ Lesson 3.1: Introduction and Integrity Statement

✔️ Lesson 3.2: Getting Emotive and Empathetic

✔️ Lesson 3.3: Refining the Core Problem or Need

✔️ Lesson 3.4: Curating the Solution

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Module 4: Standing out and Differentiating

Just when you thought this course couldn’t get any juicier–– it does! So far, we’ve covered: you and YOUR unique magic/perspective, your dream customers or clients, and exactly what they want and need (and what’s stopping them!) In this module, our focus pivots to taking all that we’ve compiled thus far, and ensuring that your brand is the most enticing option for YOUR people on the market. Period.

✔️ Lesson 4.1: Introduction and Mindset Shift #3

✔️ Lesson 4.2: Competitive Landmarking

✔️ Lesson 4.3: Method A: Proprietary IP

✔️ Lesson 4.4: Method B: Values + Commitments  

✔️ Lesson 4.5: Method C: Style + Quality

✔️ Lesson 4.6: Method D: Perspective + Personality

✔️ Lesson 4.7: Positioning Stress Test

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Module 5: How to Commit and Prove

In this module, we’ll learn how to back up the claims and decisions we’ve made about our brand positioning so far. By the end of module 5, you’ll walk away with a bank of methods to strengthen and reinforce your unique position in your market.

✔️ Lesson 5.1: Introduction and Mindset Shift #4

✔️ Lesson 5.2: Your Commitment and Promise

✔️ Lesson 5.3: Methods of Proof

✔️ Lesson 5.4: Leveraging Your Commitment as Part of Your Positioning

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Module 6: Claim it Challenge

In this module, we wrap up all  the work we’ve done together thus far by going out in the world and putting our words into action! Now that we know, with clarity and certainty, the position you’ll occupy in your market, it’s time to make it a reality through messaging that connects and take actions towards proving your position as you move forward.

✔️ Lesson 6.1: Introduction

✔️ Lesson 6.2: [BONUS] Magnetic Messaging

✔️ Lesson 6.3: Claim it Challenge

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The One was intentionally created to help you position your business as the only one of its kind in your industry, plus…

✓  Discover what makes you stand out as the go-to option for your dream customer or client.

✓  Gain an applicable framework that will help you communicate and demonstrate your position through your marketing and messaging to support your sales efforts.

✓  Dive deeper into what you love and who you are while discovering how these things uniquely intersect with what your community craves from your brand.

✓  Get a better understanding of your people, how you can support them, and position yourself as a solution to their problem.

✓  Avoid price competing with your market.

✓  Build a specialized reputation in your industry.

✓  Create proof points that solidify the position you’re taking in the market.

✓  Overcome common mindsets and wobbles that come along with making bold claims in your business.

✓  Have confidence in who you are and what you do, leading to more accessible, free-flowing sales and marketing and easier copywriting.

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The One Investment Options

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Payment Plan

Two payments of


The One Deliverables Include

✓ 26 video lessons (including two bonus workshops on Creating a Client Avatar and Building Out Your Messaging System)

✓ 1 Brand Positioning Workbook that accompanies the entire course (55 pages)

✓ 1 Brand Positioning Manual (consolidates all the key points and discoveries from the workbook)

✓ Lifetime access to the course as well as any additions made

✓ Access to 2 scheduled Office Hours for open Q +A, as well as access to any future Office Hours held for 'The One' students

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Feeling ready to enroll?
Getting started is simple.

01. Choose your plan and enroll in the course.

Choose your payment plan and enroll yourself in The One in less than 3 minutes.

02. Get instant access to tools to support your journey.

As soon as you enroll, you’ll have instant access to course video lessons, The Brand Positioning Manual, and Positioning Workbook.

03. Go from one of many in the market to The One.

Walk away from this course with the tools and confidence to stand out in the market without sacrificing what’s important to you.


Standing out in the market should never come at the cost of sacrificing who you are, it should help you embrace it.

Hey, there, I’m Chelsea — your guide for all things brand positioning, craft beer, and skincare with great packaging.

When I first started my business four years ago, I felt confused and lonely as I watched others succeed while I’d stay up late trying to figure out how to get noticed.

I remember wondering if they were just more “cut out” for the business space than I was. And, if they were, maybe I should just replicate what they were doing instead of sitting around feeling defeated. Can you relate?

But, to be honest, borrowing inspiration from my counterparts only caused my business to blend in more than stand out *sigh*.

That’s when I realized that I needed to shift my focus from the external work of branding (logos, color palettes, fonts) to the deeper internal work required to create an impactful, stand-out brand.

So, I did my research and asked myself the intentional, brave questions that brand positioning requires, like:

What do I value? What’s my niche?
What story do I want my brand to tell?
What purpose does my brand serve in the market?

And, absolutely everything in my business shifted when I started looking inwards instead of on Instagram. It looked a lot more like what’s important to me and a lot less like everyone else.
The result? I created a thriving brand that feels like coming home. A brand that connects with my community, attracts clients who value and align with my work, and allows me to impact my industry.

Because you know what? You don’t have to be the best in the marketplace to serve your clients well; you just have to be you, which requires putting in some very fun but worth-it-style work.

If you feel like you could use that kind of support, enroll in The One, and I’ll help guide you through the process of positioning your brand as completely one-of-a-kind because that’s exactly what you are. See you there!

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The One Investment Options

Single Payment


Payment Plan

Two payments of


Wondering if The One is a good fit for you?

The One was made for you if...

✓ You’re a service-based business who wants to unlock your secret sauce and avoid blending in.

✓ You’re excited to lean into the internal work of positioning your brand to stand out in the market.

✓ You feel it’s important to you to have a better idea of what your values, purpose, and impact is.

✓ You enjoy to a go-at-your-own-pace education style for learning.

The One might not be for you if...

You feel confident in your brand positioning already. (Woo!)

You feel as if you already have a good grasp on your brand’s values, purpose, and impact and know how to use them to communicate your value and market your offers. (Yay!)

You don't enjoy a go-at-your-own-pace education style for learning. (That’s okay!)



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  • Will I have 1:1 access to Chelsea?
Craft a compelling message.
Effortlessly connect with your people.
Never question your value.
Stand out in your industry.
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