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9 Signs It’s Time For A Brand Strategy Refresh

9 Signs It’s Time For A Brand Strategy Refresh

Is something not clicking in your business lately?

Maybe your sales stagnated, your leads dried up, or your inspiration vanished. 

Every business hits speedbumps (even I had to regroup last year). But when you’re struggling to feel fulfilled by your work, it’s time to pause and reflect on what’s working or not working for your business. Is it time for a vacation or a new exciting collaboration? 

What might actually be needed is a brand strategy refresh to get you back on track to intentionally reaching your goals. 

What Is A Brand Strategy Refresh?

Business owners often wait to fully dive into their brand strategy until they hit big milestones. After all, their attention is focused on growing their business, reaching clients, and achieving their financial goals.

The truth is, you can actually reach those significant milestones faster when you have a comprehensive brand strategy and design. 

A brand strategy allows you to create a holistic experience that deeply connects with your audience, builds a loyal community, and encourages referrals or repeat business. 

When you refresh your brand strategy, you’re refining all aspects of your business (from positioning to voice to visuals) so that it aligns with your audience, values, and goals, and accelerates your growth.

But when your business stalls or you’re struggling to reach your goals…how do you know it’s not just a slow season and you actually need to refresh your brand strategy?

That’s what I’m here for!

Let’s take a look at the 9 signs your brand strategy may need an update. 

The 9 Signs Your Brand Strategy Needs a Refresh

1. You cringe when someone asks about your brand or website

You should be proud of the brand you’ve built! 

So if you’re actively avoiding showing up in your market or can’t articulate what you do in a straightforward statement, then a brand strategy refresh will help you gain the confidence you need to share your biz. 

Whether you can’t accurately describe your business or your visuals don’t match your high-quality work, together, we’ll get clear on your brand’s purpose, who you help (and how), and carve out your own identity in your industry. 

2. You’re blending into the crowd while competitors outpace you. 

Have you ever struggled to answer the question, ‘what makes your business unique?’

If you answered yes, then it’s time to consider a brand strategy refresh. 

When you refresh your brand strategy, you identify what makes your brand unique in your market in a way that resonates with your audience and makes you competitively positioned for success.

3. You’re not sure what to say or how to say it when it comes to marketing. 

Discovering your brand’s personality, voice, and key messages are core parts of your brand strategy. With a clear idea of these pieces, marketing, sales, and connecting with your audience becomes a piece of cake. 

And who doesn’t love cake? 

So if creating new social captions, sales emails, or website copy leaves you feeling completely stumped, then let’s refocus your messaging with our Holistic Brand Strategy™

4. Your brand was built on trends and isn’t rooted in strategy.

Maybe you picked your colour palette based on your favourite colours or your brand voice switches between gen-Z slang and a sophisticated vocab depending on your mood.

When your brand is built on trends, instead of strategy, it’s nearly impossible to create a memorable and consistent brand. Which is exactly what your business needs for long-term, sustainable growth. 

In contrast, when your brand is guided by values, purpose, and a custom strategy, you’ll have a concrete roadmap for your future goals. 

5. You’ve pivoted your services, products, or target audience. 

As mentioned earlier, a brand strategy refresh refines and aligns your brand elements, from your visual identity to your positioning to your voice. 

So if you’ve niched down your target audience, developed new products, or want to alter your services, then a brand strategy refresh ensures your new plans lead to fulfillment and success. 

6. Your client feedback is so/so and you’ve avoided niching down. 

Oftentimes, business owners are worried that by niching down, they’ll lose out on potential clients. 

In reality though, niching gives you an opportunity to truly understand your audience’s needs, goals, and deep desires. With this knowledge, you can tailor your solutions, client experience, and visuals to speak directly to your ideal clients so instead of being ‘one of many,’ your brand stands out as ‘the one’.

A key part of standing out is emotion-evoking design that resonates with your dream clients (no matter how niche they are), helps them feel seen and heard, and inspires a deep affiliation with your brand. 

7. There’s miscommunication or confusion among your team. 

If growing your team is one of the milestones on your business journey, then you need to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to your brand visuals, messaging, values, and goals. 

Whether you’re struggling to communicate your brand’s big picture to new team members or there is no one unifying plan in place, a brand strategy refresh is perfect for growing businesses wanting to instill confidence, clarity, and purpose in their team. 

8. You’re feeling uninspired and directionless. 

From having a trillion ideas to dreading turning on your laptop and getting to work, it’s easy to feel uninspired and directionless when you don’t have a strategy in place. 

Returning to the drawing board with your brand strategy helps eliminate flashy distractions, banish self-doubt, and reignite your passion for your work. 

9. You’ve hit a financial roadblock and sales have plateaued. 

It’s hard to invest in brand strategy support when you’re already struggling to meet your financial goals. Yet, oftentimes a refresh and refocus is exactly what your business needs to see that growth. 

Instead of puttering along and pulling your hair out while trying the same unsuccessful strategies over and over, let’s create a trusted plan that helps you bring in new customers, offer a can’t-miss experience, and see your business thrive. 

Refreshing Your Brand Strategy, Together

Are you ready for sustainable growth, effortless marketing, and a brand you proudly show off to every customer and client?

Then it’s time for Holistic Brand Strategy

Together, let’s refresh your brand strategy so your business goes from ‘one of many’ to ‘the one’  and you finally get to enjoy wild success. 

Just fill out an application to get started!

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