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How To Cultivate Self-Validation As An Entrepreneur

Self-Validation on Your Entrepreneurial Path

When you leap into the entrepreneurial world, you’re leaving behind the comfort of a boss and stepping into the role of decision-maker. It's a huge shift that can be super empowering, but also bring up feelings of loneliness and uncertainty. Many entrepreneurs subconsciously miss the structure and validation found in a corporate, more traditional setting–which can unknowingly lead to self-sabotage in your business. Read on for tips and tools to lean into your self-trust and cultivate deeper self-validation in your business.

Why self-validation is key to your success

When you become an entrepreneur, seeking approval from others shifts to building confidence within yourself. The hard thing is as an entrepreneur, especially if you’re new-ish, you likely won’t have validation for the first while. You need to believe in yourself and your product or services first, in order to instill confidence and trust in your audience as well.

Where most entrepreneurs get tripped up is by not receiving validation within a reasonable timeline, and making it mean that they aren’t cut out for this, need to pivot their services, or need to run out and get another certification. But what if it just meant that your business needs more time to marinate, and your audience needs more time to build up their trust with you?

In business, there’s about a 90 day window with any strategy. This means you need to be consistent with your strategy for 90 days in a row in order to start seeing any results. Once that 90 days of consistency is through, then, and only then, you can tweak and adjust your strategy based on those results.

But 90 days without validation can feel like the end of the word–especially as a solo business owner. So, many founders pivot their brand to the moon and back constantly, and never give their audience time to catch up or grasp on because things are constantly changing. Unfortunately, this lack of consistency can lead to a lack of trust, which is why so many talented, well-meaning founders don't end up making it past year one.

Moving from seeking outside validation to believing in yourself is difficult. Especially when you're new to entrepreneurship, the recognition you want may not come right away. But remember, your self-confidence is what builds trust with your audience. In fact, your strong belief in your product and in yourself is what sets the stage for your success as an entrepreneur.

How to cultivate self-validation

01. Mindset Work

  • Keeping a journal to log evidence of your successes and wins as a way of validating oneself, especially on days where evidence feels hard to pinpoint.
  • Journaling about your future reality of your business so you have a clear goal you're working towards every day.
  • Meditation, Hypnosis ETF tapping– these are all incredible modalities to cultivate internal validation on a subconscious level which can be difficult to access in everyday life. These are all worth researching and finding out which appeals most to you!

02. Repetition and Practice

What if you treated your business like an athlete treats their sport? If your business becomes something that you habitually and consistently show up for with an open mind and heart (in easy times and hard!) you will inevitably grow over time.

03. Celebrating even small wins

Recognize and celebrate every milestone, no matter how small. Every new follower, every dollar made, every comment, every minor victory, contributes to the bigger tapestry of your success story. Celebrations attract more reasons to celebrate and fortify your self-confidence.

As you cultivate self-validation, remember that your brand's identity and journey play a pivotal role in this process. To explore how brand strategy and design can infuse new vitality into your brand growth, let's delve into the possibilities outlined below:

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Your journey as an entrepreneur is a far-reaching exploration beyond the pursuit of external validation. It's a path of self-trust, unwavering commitment, and rejoicing in small wins. By nurturing a steadfast belief in yourself, your creation, and your path, you're forging an unshakeable foundation for sustainable, long-term success.

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