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7 Ways Brand Consistency Boosts Your Sales

7 Ways Brand Consistency Boosts Your Sales

Imagine this: You're scrolling through Instagram looking for a new hairstylist (you shed a tear when your previous one moved away) when you come across what you think is your dream salon.

Photos feature tousled yet glossy waves and sun-kissed highlights. They’ve even perfected curtain bangs AND a curly shag!

Sure, the messaging is a little dull, but their work speaks for itself.

But when you head to the salon’s website, it feels like it’s from another decade. The cookie-cutter logo, poor-quality images, and impersonal booking experience make you second-guess your decision to schedule an appointment.

If they aren’t putting much care into their website and branding…can you really trust them to care for you?

Several weeks later, you stroll over to a salon referred to you by a friend.

Their website was fun and playful, featured professional photographs of the salon and stylists, and offered a free consultation. When you arrive at the salon, you notice their branding carried through from their website to their embossed business cards, patterned wallpaper, and complimentary claw clip.

Every interaction with this new salon reaffirms that they’re the right choice for you. You’re excited to schedule your appointments for the rest of the year.

Now, imagine you’re the salon owner:

You’ve invested time, energy, and money into creating a consistent brand for every single touchpoint a potential client has with your salon. Every day, you see your calendar filling up with new clients, returning clients, and referrals.

Best of all, every client who walks into your salon knows exactly what they’re getting and can’t wait to work with you.

This is the magic of consistent branding.

Why Does Consistent Branding Matter?

If you struggle with brand consistency and find yourself switching creative direction every few months, miscommunication and mistrust build between you and your audience.

Constantly changing your branding creates confusion among your audience, whether it's due to unclear messaging or mismatched design. On top of that, your audience might not even recognize you because your branding is so inconsistent.

And who’s going to work with a brand they don’t recognize, understand, or trust?

But, when you have consistent branding across all platforms - from social media to website design to your in-store experience - your brand becomes 3.5x more visible!

Past Honey and Co. Creative clients have experienced this themselves.

Clients have approached Lemon & Honey Day Spa specifically because of their branding. And while Old Soul Decor, a full-service interior design studio, saw inquiries before we worked together on Custom Brand Strategy & Design, they’re now commanding higher prices and booking out months in advance!

Curious how exactly brand consistency leads to more clients and more sales? Then keep on reading!

How Brand Consistency Increases Your Sales.

1. Brand Consistency Builds Awareness and Affiliation

Consistent branding leads to your audience instantly recognizing your business from your tagline, photography style, or colour palette. The more familiar (or aware) of your brand your ideal clients are, the more likely you’ll be the one they turn to when they need your services.

2. Brand Consistency Creates A Unified Experience

Whether a new client discovers you on Instagram, walks by your shop, or meets you at a networking event, consistent branding tells them what to expect from your business. This means no matter what touchpoint they enter their customer journey at, every potential client will enjoy a unified brand experience.

3. Brand Consistency Establishes Trust And Loyalty

81% of consumers say they need to trust a brand before they buy from it. But how do you establish that trust with your audience?

By showing consistency in your branding.

When you show up again and again in the same way with the same messaging, your audience starts to trust who you are, what you stand for, and the quality of your work. All this comes together to help them feel confident working with you.

4. Brand Consistency Separates You From Competitors

By consistently sharing your brand, especially when your brand is strategically designed, you’ll build your distinct identity in your audience’s mind. Eventually, your ideal clients will recognize you not as one of many in your industry, but as ‘the one’.

(Psst, want to position yourself as ‘the one’ in your industry? Then I have the course for you!)

5. Brand Consistency Makes You Memorable

Did you know it takes 5 to 7 impressions for a potential client to recognize and remember your brand?

That may seem like a lot if your branding is inconsistent across your different platforms. Think about having to send 5 marketing emails or someone walking by your salon 7 times before they even remember you exist.

But, if your brand is consistent across all your platforms, it becomes a lot easier and quicker to become memorable for your audience.

6. Brand Consistency Keeps Your Customers Coming Back

Brand consistency doesn’t stop after you’ve shown up in front of new clients and gained their trust. It makes a difference for your existing clients as well because your branding portrays an image, values, or lifestyle that your ideal customers want to be a part of.

For your clients, it’s not just about owning new products. It’s about the club your brand represents and how they feel as a part of that club. Those feelings are what brand consistency instills and are what keep your clients returning to buy new products or services from you.

7. Brand Consistency Gives You Confidence In Marketing

Beyond the impact brand consistency makes on your client’s perception of your business, brand consistency also helps you create higher-quality content.

With a consistent brand and branding guidelines, you’ll confidently create messaging that aligns with your brand, resonates with your audience, and takes less time than making a cup of coffee.

Increase Your Sales With Consistent Branding

Are you ready to enter a new era when it comes to your branding? An era based on strategy, design, and connection? An era where you see a real return on investments in your brand?

Then it’s time for a consistent brand that is uniquely yours.

Explore our custom design services and let’s get started today!

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