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8 Strategies To Boost Brand Awareness in Your Lifestyle or Beauty Biz

Strategies To Build Brand Awareness Online and Offline in 2023

So, you’ve discovered your target audience, identified your differentiator, created a visual identity, and maybe even built a website…it’s time to kick back, relax, and let the leads roll in, right?

Not exactly.

Don’t get me wrong! Your business is on track for growth, but one piece is still missing.

Brand awareness.

Brand awareness is how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how loyal they are to your business.

Think of the age-old debate of Android vs. iPhone - not that it’s even a debate…I came out of the womb using Apple!

And if you want to become the go-to in your industry, then you need to spend time building your brand awareness.

Why Does Building Brand Awareness Matter?

Brand awareness isn’t just about getting your business out there and in front of your ideal clients. It offers so much more!

Your brand awareness:

But you can't build your brand awareness by hosting one Instagram giveaway and calling it a day.

You need to nurture your audience as it grows.

And between influencer marketing and viral videos, how do you build your brand awareness in 2023? And what strategies work online vs. in-person?

We’re covering it all in this blog post.

Strategies To Build Brand Awareness Online


Appearing on podcasts that your ideal clients regularly listen to is a great way to get in front of new audiences, establish your expertise, and show off who you are as a brand!

Between the lead-up and promotion of the podcast, the podcast episode itself, and repurposing any content from it, you’ll have multiple opportunities to build your brand awareness.

Example: if you’re a consultant OBSESSED with brands in the beauty industry, then pitch to podcasts focused on women building beauty brands! Tell them how your knowledge and skills would benefit their listeners, and in return, you get more eyeballs (or ears) on your biz.

New Content

Now, I’m not saying you need to churn out in-depth, new content every single week. But, if it’s been a little while since you created a new freebie, now might be the time!

Opt-ins and freebies like workbooks, e-books, and workshops help to build trust with your audience because they get a free sample of what it’s like to work with you.

Plus, these types of new content bring warm leads onto your email list so you can stay in regular communication with them and continue building a relationship with them.

Example: if you’re an interior designer, try creating a downloadable renovation checklist. Or maybe you’re a nutritionist, then how about a one-week meal and grocery plan?

Recycling Content

See, I said you don’t need to always create new content!

By repurposing or recycling content concepts (for example, turning an Instagram carousel into a reel or an old blog post into an email newsletter), you’ll stay at the front of your audience’s mind without constantly generating new ideas.

The expectation that business owners must continually create new content can lead to burnout. So remember that there are other ways to connect with your audience while protecting your mental health.


Tired of writing content over and over?

Mix it up and try hosting a webinar!

Webinars are a fantastic way to go more in-depth on a topic, offer practical tips and takeaways to your audience, and show up as a real human for your audience

Example: if you’re in the skincare industry, why not host a webinar about identifying your skin type and how to best care for it?

Diversifying Marketing Strategies

Diversifying your marketing strategies is critical to growing your brand awareness.

For example, if you’re only posting the same types of content on Instagram with the same hashtags then you’re going to reach the same audience.

Instead, try out engaging with your audience with polls, questions, and comments on social media. Or start to follow your ideal clients and respond to their stories to build a relationship.

Remember, this only works if you’re genuine and consistent - no one loves a ‘heyyyy girlie!’ DM.

Remember, engaging with your audience on social media takes time.

You can also explore other online platforms, like blogging to improve your SEO and boost your visibility.

In our Holistic Brand Strategy™ roadmap, we dive into the different marketing strategies that could work best and feel best for you as you grow your brand awareness.

Strategies To Build Brand Awareness Offline

Print Materials

Who doesn’t love receiving mail?!

(As long as it's beautifully crafted and personalized, and not a parking ticket.)

If you work with people or businesses in person, try sending out a physical product that showcases your brand to add an extra touch to your client experience.

Whether a multi-page printed portfolio or a stunning service list, show your audience the quality of your work with a physical example.

In-Person Workshops and Conferences

Networking events…you either love them or hate them.

Or maybe you haven’t found the right type of in-person event for you!

From huge, in-person conferences in faraway locations to local fundraisers, showing up in person means you’re able to create deep, instant connections with others who share similar interests to you.

If you’re ready to step off Zoom, then try hosting a workshop, donating products to a fundraiser, sponsoring an event, attending a market, or speaking at a conference to grow your brand awareness in-person.


Whether you love working from the comfort of your home or easily get distracted by your dogs, tv, or cozy bed…co-working spaces are great to experiment with.

You could join an official co-working space (like Kwench!) and meet other business owners seeking connection, or launch an unofficial co-working session with your biz besties.

If you’re a solopreneur, you may feel isolated at times, so co-working not only gets you out there connecting with others but also gets your brand out there!

My Favourite Strategy To Build Brand Awareness Online and Offline

Honey & Co. Creative has tried out a lot of different strategies to build brand awareness both online and offline.

Want to know my favourite, though?

Partnering with adjacent businesses and entrepreneurs!

When you work with other brands who share your ideal client, you get to share marketing power and audiences while connecting with other business owners and serving your clients even better.

These clients are already searching for information, and by partnering with other entrepreneurs, you’re making that search easier for them by showing up in their inbox, feed, and circle.

For example, if you’re a brand designer who wants to work with wellness entrepreneurs you could partner with an SEO strategist, business coach, or brand photographer who also helps wellness entrepreneurs build their businesses.

This could look like co-marketing through shared Instagram posts and giveaways, offering discounts to clients, collaborating on product boxes, or creating referral partnerships to serve your business and your clients.  

Learn Our Strategies For Building Your Entire Brand (In One Week!)

Speaking of partnerships…have you heard of Brandcamp yet?!

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Don’t worry though, we don’t skimp on the strategy or details in favour of a speedy turnaround.

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