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The True ROI Of Brand Strategy and Design

The True ROI Of Brand Strategy And Design

Imagine this:

You wake up slowly in your cozy, over-stuffed bed. You stretch and take a deep breath before practicing your morning, confidence-boosting mantras. 

As you ease into your work day - spritzing your room with Saje Sweet Sheets Linen Spray, taking your rescue pup for a walk, or stopping at the boutique coffee shop around the corner before dropping your children off at work - you know today is going to be a good day because today you’re:

  • Browsing listings for the second location you plan to open for your boutique business.

  • Launching a new project with a client who’s been waiting weeks to work with you.

  • Creating on-brand messaging for your new signature offer (the one with a premium price tag) that speaks directly to your audience.

  • Accepting an award for most-loved local business from your town’s chamber of commerce.

You’re energized, focused, and ready to enjoy the growth your business is experiencing. Sounds dreamy right? 

It’s not magic or make-believe, I promise. It’s the true ROI of a strong brand strategy and design. 

The ROI On Your Brand Strategy Elements

There’s no doubt that investing in a brand strategist is a commitment. 

Before you even sign a contract and put your trust in a strategist, you need to find one who shares your values, style, and vision. Then comes the actual strategy work - prepping, deep diving into your purpose, audience, and goals, and reflecting on your brand.

Pst. Curious about what this looks like when working with Honey & Co. Creative? I give you the behind-the-scenes look right here. 

But what about the payoff of all that hard work? The personal and financial results? The sound of prosecco bottles popping and glasses clinking in celebration?

Before making this level of investment in brand strategy and design, it’s so important to know the true ROI. So, let's break down each brand strategy element, what it is, and how it positively impacts your mindset, business growth, AND wallet. 

1. Your Core Values

Identifying your core brand values is one of the first steps we take together when building your Holistic Brand Strategy™ roadmap. 

Your core brand values reflect your beliefs and guide your business as you grow, but they can’t be selected randomly from a list. They need to be rooted in your purpose and align with your audience's ideals - after all, 77% of consumers buy from brands who share their same values. 

By identifying values that resonate with you and your audience, you centre your brand for sustainable growth with clients who share your vision. 

2. Your Ideal Client Avatar

Knowing your target audience is more than discerning their location, income, and career path. To craft experiences that give your clients a sense of being seen, heard, and valued, you need to understand and address their struggles, hopes, values, and goals.

(Btw, 73% of consumers want brands to personalize their client experience. And before you customize your interactions, you need to know your audience.) 

Once you truly understand your audience, you can craft messages that resonate and designs that are visually and emotionally appealing to your ideal clients

3. Your Competitive Landmarking

Competitive landmarking requires a delicate balance between discovering what currently exists in your industry and not copying it or comparing yourself to it. 

When evaluating your industry, your focus should be on identifying gaps in the market and opportunities for your brand to stand out. 

Understanding what currently exists in your industry (and what doesn’t exist) allows you to fill missing spaces with a much-needed solution that supports your clients’ goals. 

4. Your Brand Differentiator

A key element of brand strategy and design is finding the distinct approach, style, or mission that helps you stand out in a saturated market. Once you’ve locked your brand differentiator down, you’ll attract your ideal clients because you're solving their specific issues and speaking directly to them. 

Take it from Rachel at Luna Extension Studio

After working together on her Holistic Brand Strategy™ and reflecting on her brand, Rachel shared that she “started thinking so much more deeply and intentionally about the business I was creating - and I truly believe that was part of my instant success.”

5. Your Brand Voice and Messaging

When it comes to what your audience wants from your brand, the numbers speak for themselves: 65% of consumers stick with brands they believe are trustworthy.

But what helps a brand establish trust with its audience? 

Consistency and authenticity. 

This is why we dedicate a part of our Holistic Brand Strategy™ roadmap to uncovering your distinct brand voice and communication style. A consistent brand voice makes crafting messaging easier for you and your team and helps you build a sense of genuine trust with your audience across all your communication platforms. 

And an audience that trusts your brand is an audience more likely to turn into loyal buyers. 

Wondering what exactly your messaging is? It’s your:

  • Tagline: a short, memorable phrase that summarizes your brand.
  • Headlines: the main, eye-catching statements on your website.
  • Elevator Pitch: a brief description of you, your brand, and your purpose.
  • Brand Story: an emotion-provoking narrative covering your brand’s founding and distinct approach.
  • Social Content: the everyday captions you create to connect with your audience.

6. Your Brand Identity

When every element of your brand is rooted in strategy, we intentionally design a brand identity that inspires a deep association with your brand and gets more attention for your business (brand visibility is 3.5x higher for brands with a consistent visual identity).

That’s the experience that Lemon & Honey Day Spa had after working together.  Rebekah explained that with a cohesive and strategic brand identity, ‘clients reach out because they love our branding.’ 

Want a little more proof? 

Research shows that when a brand establishes a consistent identity, its revenue can increase 33%!

Bringing Brand Strategy and Design Together For Real ROI

The ROI of brand strategy and design goes even deeper than bringing in aligned clients and experiencing an increase in revenue. 

There’s also the mindset and lifestyle ROI you get to enjoy. 

This could look like confidently expanding to a second location because you know what’s missing in your industry and have the clientele to back up your growth. 

Maybe it's banishing self-doubt and second-guessing while creating new content because you're clear on your voice and how it resonates with your audience. 

Perhaps it's taking mental health days, booking a spontaneous trip to Mexico, or treating your pup to more expensive organic chicken dog food because your bank account is steadily growing.

But how do you start on this journey of dream clients, complete confidence, and more open wallets? 

You start with booking your Holistic Brand Strategy™.

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