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Positioning Your Business as a Luxury Brand

How To Position Your Business As A Luxury Brand

When you hear the phrase ‘luxury brand’, what comes to mind?

  • Velvet couches and a glass of bubbly while shopping at a high-end boutique?
  • An exclusive coaching program with a five-figure price tag?
  • A secret cocktail bar with a members-only list (and no obvious way to become a member)?

Luxury brands may seem extravagant, exclusive, and expensive. The truth is though, they require more strategy, thought, and effort than splurging on a few fancy features.

If you want to position your business as a luxury brand, then keep reading to find out just how to do so (and see it happen with one of my favourite clients!).

What Makes A Business A Luxury Brand?

Since extravagant features (like velvet couches) or high price tags don’t automatically turn a business into a luxury brand, what do?

There are three key elements that help a business position itself as a luxury brand and they have nothing to do with the product price, exclusive lists, or having a celebrity spokesperson.

1. A Luxury Brand Thinks Of Every Step Of Its Customer Journey

Luxury brands carefully consider each step their potential customers have with their business.

From the moment a customer scrolls across the brand's social media page or glimpses their storefront windows until they’re enjoying the benefits of their purchase. Every interaction and meeting point reflects the heart of the brand.

This means:

Luxury brands know exactly who they are, who they help, and how they help, and they’ve taken the time to truly understand how their audience interacts with their business.

This confidence, clarity, and attention elevates the entire business and makes it feel like a luxurious brand.

2. A Luxury Brand Represents A Piece Of Their Audience’s Identity.

Luxury brand customers aren’t buying a high-end product just because it’s high-end.

They want to be affiliated with a specific brand because of how that brand makes them look, or feel about themselves.

By knowing who their audience is, what they care about, and what they hope for, luxury brands are able to represent the values, emotions, and identity their customers long for.

So if you want to position your business as a luxury brand, you not only need to identify your brand’s values, commitments, community, and identity, but also how these pieces relate to your audience.

(pssst. if you didn’t already know, we cover all this in our Holistic Brand Strategy™ roadmap)

3. A Luxury Brand Gains Customers Out Of Brand Affinity

If you want to position your business as a luxury brand, it’s not enough to be well-known - though building your brand awareness is a starting point!

You also need to build brand affinity, which is the attachment and likeness your audience feels for your brand.

Brand affinity takes brand awareness to a whole new level of loyalty. Rather than making a purchasing decision solely based on the product or service features, luxury brand customers buy because they have a deep attachment to the brand.

This affinity means that even if your product is more expensive or difficult to get, customers will return again and again because they’re committed to your brand and what you stand for or represent for them.

Build brand affinity by understanding your audience, consistently communicating with them, and creating an emotional connection with them.

How To Position Your Business As A Luxury Brand

So, we’ve covered the foundational strategy behind creating a luxury brand. Now, let’s see how these strategies play out in your touchpoints, identity, and content.

Reposition your business as a luxury brand with:

  • Confident and aspirational messaging to help your audience visualize themselves as a part of your brand.

  • Consistent, craftsmanship-level visuals to capture your audience’s attention and drive emotion.

  • Detailed and personalized touches that show the intentional care you put into your business and your client experience.

  • Free value and resources to build community because you know your business has more to share.

  • A high-quality brand experience, online and in-person, that lets your customers feel taken care of.

Want to see how these elements worked together to help turn an everyday business into a luxury brand?

I’ve got you covered!

An Example Of An Everyday Business Positioned As A Luxury Brand

There’s no doubt that the cannabis industry has boomed in recent years. And with this massive growth, comes opportunities for industry leaders to experiment and differentiate themselves from the standard, everyday cannabis business.

Which is exactly what one Honey & Co. Creative client is doing.

Meet our client, Sugar Magnolia.

Sugar Magnolia is a curated lifestyle cannabis experience for health-conscious, creative women who want to enhance their life with a high-quality, monthly subscription box of cannabis products, holistic practices, and educational resources.

Instead of focusing on convenient, daily cannabis use, Sugar Magnolia positions itself as a luxury brand by honing in on the elevated lifestyle its customers are seeking.

Top-shelf cannabis products and an exclusive but welcoming community for members pairs with the brand’s whimsical but empowering visual identity to create a luxurious brand experience their customers have been waiting for.

They’re the perfect example of an everyday business turned luxury brand.

Designing For Luxury Brands

Are you ready to transform your business into a luxury brand?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the details, care, and strategy required to provide an unforgettable client experience?

Then it’s time to bring in a brand design expert (I know a gal).

Here at Honey & Co. Creative, our clients have been noticed by the likes of Vogue and Wellness Official because of their strategy, branding, and design.

From Brandcamp, where we co-create a professional brand with you in under a week, to our Holistic Brand Strategy™, for growing businesses ready to make their mark in their industry, we’re here to support you in creating a luxurious brand that resonates.

Want to find out more?

Explore our design services to find the right next step for your business.



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