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What It's Like to Work with a Brand Strategy Consultant

What It’s Like Working With Honey & Co.

Have you heard how brand strategy and design can transform your business into the go-to choice in your industry?

Or that a holistic brand strategy is key to building a successful biz?

You know, a business that aligns with your values, resonates with your dream clients, and brings those big income goals within reach.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, both are true.

With 89,546 different approaches to branding - from DIY enthusiasts to "just wing it" types, to complete done-for-you brand designers - how are you supposed to decide what approach is right for you?

Investing in a professional brand strategy consultant takes a lot of trust, time, and energy. You want to feel confident you’re choosing someone who understands your vision and can help move your brand forward.

I get it!

That’s why I want to give you the inside scoop on what working with Honey & Co. on a Holistic Brand Strategy™ is like.

Are you ready?

Why Hire a Brand Strategy Consultant?

Let’s start with the basics, why should you hire a brand strategy consultant?

With countless blog posts, Youtube videos, and downloadable workbooks designed to help you build your own brand, do you really need to hire a professional?

The short answer is yes! (When you’re ready, that is).

With a brand strategy consultant, you can say goodbye to feeling like…

  • Your brand isn't cohesive and your presence between marketing platforms is inconsistent or mismatched.

  • You’re copying and pasting what you see from other brands instead of creating a business that is distinctly yours.

  • You’re lost on how to launch your brand, resonate with dream clients, and show up in a way that matches your out-of-this-world service.

Instead, by partnering with a brand strategy consultant, you'll gain an expert outside opinion to align your values, messaging, visuals, and unique sticky factor so your brand stands out in a saturated market.

And I’m not just saying that because I am a brand strategy consultant, I promise.

I’m saying this because a Holistic Brand Strategy™ identifies where your brand, your business goals, and your audience's needs overlap and then crafts a comprehensive path forward for your thriving business.

I’m also saying it because I L-O-V-E helping clients transform their brand and walk away saying…

I’m more grounded in my business and more secure.”

“I feel confident about what the next steps are and how to grow.”

“I’m still working the same amount of hours but I’ve doubled my business.”

“I’m obsessed with my logo. I’m literally going to tattoo it on my arm because it’s that beautiful and meaningful to me.”

So how do I help clients get to that stage?

With honest conversations, meaningful reflection, and years of brand strategy experience.

Honey & Co.’s Holistic Brand Strategy Process

Honey and Co.’s clients are ambitious, mindful, and aesthetically aware business owners who are struggling to feel aligned and confident in their brand direction.

They dream of booking out their services, raising their rates, hiring a team, and making a greater impact in their industry but are hesitant to trust an outside brand strategy consultant to refine and elevate their brand.

After all, your business is your heart.

You don’t want to be handing it off to just anyone.

So, to help you feel confident in your branding choices, I’m going to walk you through each step of my Holistic Brand Strategy™ Process.

  1. The Prep Work

First up, you complete a client application form.

From there, we’ll jump on a half-hour Consult Call to get to know each other, ensure our values align, and talk more about your goals for your Holistic Brand Strategy™.  

Then comes all the necessary paperwork including a proposal, invoice, contract, welcome guide, and a comprehensive intake form before we start our collaboration.

  1. The Brand Strategy Session

It’s time to dig deep and get honest!

We’ll have a two-hour strategy session via Zoom to discover your business’s purpose, goals, target audience, sticky factor, and design direction.

Together, in a judgement-free space, we’ll uproot mindset blocks and dream, think, and strategize about what your business’s future looks like.

  1. The Brand Strategy Build

After our strategy session, you get to kick up your feet and relax (or continue working on your growing business), while I combine all our notes, discoveries, and ideas into a custom Brand Strategy Roadmap.

What’s featured in your Brand Strategy Roadmap?

In-depth customer profiles, brand positioning, core messaging, taglines, design direction, brand values, your signature process, and so much more.

  1. The Brand Strategy Roadmap Presentation

Our next meeting will be to review the Holistic Brand Strategy™ Roadmap together and discuss your brand’s next steps.

*Bonus - All brand strategies include one round of revisions so you walk away with a strategy that perfectly fits your vision.

After that, our next steps are up to you. At the end of the presentation, I’ll provide you with options for moving into the design phase of your brand.

If you choose to move on to Brand Design, we’ll create customized, emotion-evoking visuals rooted in your strategy and tailored to connect with your audience, grow your reach, and increase your earnings.

  1. The Happy Dance - For You and Me!

With your renewed sense of confidence in your business and designs that speak to the heart of your brand, you’ll be celebrating your business’s clear direction forward.

Meanwhile, I break into a little happy dance every time I hear my clients say…

“She’s great at guiding you to who you are and how you want to represent yourself.”

“There’s like a magic wand in her brain that knows what brand colors to use.”

“She has gone above and beyond what I was expecting in terms of the strategy, the deliverables, and the amount of stuff she provided.”

“She helped me start thinking more intentionally about the business I was creating. I truly believe that was a part of the instant success of my business.”

Ready For A Brand Strategy Consultant Who Just Gets It?

Brand strategy isn’t another buzzword.

It’s the key to attracting your perfect-fit clients and building a business that’s the go-to choice.

As a brand consultant, Honey and Co. crafts a comprehensive strategy for your brand to help you stand out in an oversaturated market.

So, if you know your brand is made for so much more but need expert help unlocking your magic, then Holistic Brand Strategy™ is for you.

Fill out an application here!

Client Application

P.S. Want to check out a few of my favourite previous brand strategy and design clients? Then take a peek at HerKind, Bode Coffee Co., and others in my portfolio!

‘Till next time,


Principal, Honey & Co.

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