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Showing Up Authentically In Your Online Biz

What Showing Up As Yourself Truly Means For Your Business

We hear it all the time - “it’s important to show up authentically online for your business.”

But why does showing up authentically online matter? And what does showing up ‘as yourself’ really mean for your business?

In this day and age, a strong online presence has become an essential component of building a community and establishing trust with your dream clients. Your beliefs, personality, and everyday life play a role in connecting you with like-minded people, especially if you’re a personal brand.

Off-the-cuff moments, like sharing your favorite snack food or your latest adventure with your dog, paint you as someone your clients relate to, understand, and want to learn more about.

But for many, showing up ‘authentically’ is mistaken for offering up intimate or personal details of your life. 

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be. 

Being authentic means showing up consistently and genuinely. It means being intentional with your content and messaging. It means staying true to your brand’s values and purpose. 

And it means setting boundaries so that what you share online feels sustainable, meaningful, and joyful to you and your audience. 

Strike a Work-Personal Life Balance With What You Share

Think about what messages, conversations, and content feel joyful and impactful for your audience. 

Those conversations may include your greatest achievements or proudest moments (absolutely celebrate those wins!), they could be sneak peeks into your weekly tasks, or they may include moments of vulnerability and empathy. 

Expressing your struggles or challenges creates an opportunity for your audience to relate to you, recognize your courage, and build a deeper connection with you. Yet, whether you’re sharing vulnerable moments, personal details, or your latest goals, be sure that you’re giving within your own limits. 

You don’t need to be on Instagram 24/7, constantly creating new reels or going live. Unless creating personal content is your passion (or you have endless support), it’s not sustainable in the long run. 

You also don’t need to offer up every aspect or detail of your personal life if you don’t want to. If sharing your relationships, weekend adventures, or internal struggles doesn’t feel good, there are other ways to create close ties with your audience. 

If the online work-life balance that’s right for you doesn’t include sharing your private life, there are other ways to build genuine relationships and show up online authentically. 

Focus On Your Brand’s Core Values and Purpose

As mentioned previously, showing up genuinely for your business doesn’t necessarily mean sharing your personal life. 

Do you remember when we talked about your brand’s core values? You know, the principles that reflect your beliefs and guide your business decisions? 

Those brand values, along with your purpose, drive your business. 

The values you share with your audience offer a way to form a deeper connection with your community, while your purpose relates to the difference you make in their lives. Together, your core values and purpose are what draw your people to you over others in your market. 

Showing up as yourself in your business can mean showing how your work - how everything you strive for - is rooted in those values. 

When you align your messaging, services, and imagery with your brand's core values, you'll become the trusted go-to in your industry because your audience will know exactly what your brand stands for and what to expect from you.

Keep Your Audience At The Centre

Another way to show up as yourself is to create and maintain genuine, heartfelt relationships with your audience by keeping them at the centre of your work. 

Try highlighting what you or your brand have in common with your clients by talking about shared experiences and showing your audience that you understand the emotions, challenges, and hopes they have.

One way to focus on your audience is to create content that addresses their unique needs and challenges. For example, you could offer a freebie that gives them a quick win or craft an Instagram post answering one of their FAQs.  

But it’s not only your content that tells your audience you understand them. Your branding, messaging, and services are a reflection of your sincerity in serving your audience.

 When you use emotive design, every part of your brand - from your colour palette to textures to imagery - comes together to create an all-embracive experience your audience connects with. 

By keeping it all centered on your clients, you’re letting them know you see them, hear them, and have a deep understanding of who they are in an authentic way.

Refining Your Brand’s Messaging

Inconsistent messaging or copycat content causes your audience to feel unsure about who you are, what you represent, and how your brand helps them. 

In contrast, consistent messaging - rooted in your brand’s voice, positioning, and values - deepens the trust your audience has in you and your work. By working with a brand strategist (I know a gal), you’ll refine your brand’s voice and positioning so creating cohesive messaging that resonates is a seamless process.

Using our Holistic Brand StrategyTM framework, we'll build out your brand messaging system with copy and language that feels true to you and effortlessly calls in your ideal clients. 

That way, you won't waste hours scratching your head and rewriting captions since you’ll have taglines, key messaging, and content ideas tailored directly to your audience, services, and brand. 

Managing Your Business and Personal Life

Balancing your business and personal life as a business owner is no joke. It’s okay to set boundaries, pull back, or share freely as long as you’re doing what feels right for you. 

I recently took a break from Instagram to refocus my energy on what matters most and the reasons I built a business in the first place - for creative freedom, personal freedom, and the ability to jet off to a remote island for a week to recharge. 

That time away from marketing allowed me to remember what was most important about showing up ‘authentically’ for my business.

It’s to show up in a way that feels empathetic, healthy, and sustainable. 

If you need support zoning in on your brand’s positioning and uncovering what an impactful and lasting brand presence will look like for your business, then let’s work together.

Inquire below to claim a Holistic Brand Strategy™ spot and let’s lay the foundation for an aligned and thriving business. 

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