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Why Visual Design Is Important For Beauty Brands

Why Visual Design Is So Important For Beauty Brands

If you own a beauty or cosmetics brand, then you probably already know that the beauty industry is one of the most profitable industries on the planet. Even during recessions and economic downturns, people continue to turn to beauty and wellness brands for uplifting experiences (aka the Lipstick Effect!). 

And if you own a beauty brand, you also know how competitive the industry is. 

When clients go to a hair salon or skincare studio, they’re trusting the business with their physical appearance, health, and self-image. So oftentimes instead of trying new businesses, clients stick with the brand they know and trust. 

This is exactly why visual branding is so important for beauty brands.

The Importance Of Visual Design For Beauty Brands

As a beauty business, visual branding is essential for creating a positive impression on your audience because:

  1. Clients come to you when they’re at their most vulnerable, so they want to know you’ll create a positive experience for them. 

  1. Clients trust you with their bodies, so they want to know that you have experience and professional qualifications.

  1. Clients can work with dozens of beauty brands, so your business needs to resonate with your audience. 

In every industry, aesthetics and design matter. But in the beauty industry, having visuals that mirror your clients' expectations and the quality of service you offer is especially important. 

Keep reading to discover 3 ways visual design sets your beauty brand up to thrive. 

Visual Design Differentiates Your Beauty Brand

There are plenty of ways to differentiate your beauty brand from others. 

You could come up with new products, use new technology, or build a proprietary framework. Or you could create a distinct visual design based on your brand’s values, positioning, and audience. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples of beauty brands that use visual design to stand out in a saturated market. 

  • Glossier infuses everyday playfulness into its visual design, messaging, and product line to disrupt traditional, luxurious beauty branding.

  • Flawlessness on the go is at the heart of Blo Blow Dry Bar. Their pink, black, and white branding carries through to their signature ‘pink carpet treatment’.

  • Luna Extension Studio’s visual design embodies the ethereal and glowing confidence their hand-tied hair extensions give their clients.

Your brand will stand out online and offline when you adopt a visual direction unique to your beauty business. Plus, you’ll become instantly recognizable to your customers. 

Your Beauty Brand’s Visual Design Inspires Emotions

A deep level of trust is needed between beauty practitioners and their clients. Whether your clients are laughing about a recent at-home haircut mishap or opening up about their skin, they’re sharing their vulnerabilities with you. 

Some beauty brands leverage this trust by using fear-based marketing to gain sales. However, there is a more ethical way to support your clients and enjoy more booked-out months. 

Can you guess how?

If you said with emotion-invoking visual design, you’re right!

Your beauty brand’s visual design goes hand in hand with the emotions you want to inspire in your clients.

Let’s take a look at Cold Water Skin Bar’s visual design as an example. 

We wanted Isabelle's clients to feel relaxed and comfortable in their skin so we created a visual direction that was both laid-back and playful. To inspire these feelings, we shifted away from traditional medical colours like white, teal, and blue. And instead, used a combination of feminine neutrals with pops of peach, mint, and lavender.

Think about your beauty brand now. 

What atmosphere do you want to create for your audience? What feelings do you want to inspire in your clients? 

These questions should be at the front of your mind as you design your brand’s visual identity. 

Visual Design Showcases Your Brand’s High-Quality Services

In the same way you're trusted with your client's vulnerabilities and emotions, you're also trusted with their physical appearance and health. 

As a beauty professional, you know the education and skills your profession requires…but your audience doesn’t. 

What they do know is that your work requires a delicate hand and experience because if something goes wrong, it could have long-term impacts on their appearance, body, and health. 

What does this have to do with your brand’s visual identity?

Say your logo is a pixelated image you nabbed from Canva or your brand colours change with every Instagram post. Can your clients really trust you with their bodies if you aren’t attentive to your own image?

Your visual design shows and confirms the level of care, attention, and professionalism you put into your work. 

By crafting high-quality visuals, and using them consistently in your branding, you’re showing your audience that you are someone who cares about the details. 

Crafting Emotion-Driven Visual Designs For Your Beauty Brand

All of this sounds pretty great, right? 

High-quality, distinct, and consistent visual designs = standing out in the beauty industry, inspiring your clients, and establishing trust in your services. 

But let’s break this important information down one more time by looking at an example of how visual designs make a world of difference for a cosmetic tattoo brand.

Meet Deauville Cosmetic Tattoo. 

This (imaginary) cosmetic tattoo salon specializes in permanent makeup for busy gen-z and millennial women who care about aesthetics and trends but only invest in premium services that will help them feel confident for years to come. 

Deauville’s branding, services, and visual design are all guided by their Deauville Doctrine: timeless and lasting permanent makeup that captures your brightness, softness, and confidence. 

Unlike traditional tattoo salons that favour dark, gritty aesthetics, or cosmetic clinics that lean heavily toward neutral designs, Deauville stands out with a soft, playful, and high-end visual design. 

The softness of Deauville’s permanent makeup is reflected by the hand-drawn illustrations of deer. While the elegant and modern typefaces pull in the sense of luxury Deauville’s clients look for. 

This visual identity makes Deauville stand out from other tattoo or cosmetic salons, resonates with its audience, and shows its potential clients the quality they can expect from the salon.

I don’t know about you, but I would want to learn more about this cosmetic tattoo salon if they came across my IG feed!

So, if you’re looking for your own distinct visual direction for your beauty brand that makes you stand out online, establish a connection with your audience, and confidently show your high-quality services, then reach out now to work together!

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