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How To Create Magnetic Brand Messaging

How To Craft Magnetic Brand Messaging

Breathtaking branding, ‘she looks so cool’ photographs, whimsical typography, a jaw-dropping website…your design choices (all rooted in strategy, of course) draw your dream clients in and get them excited about your business. 

But what keeps them scrolling through your products or services, and purchasing your offerings?

Magnetic brand messaging. 

When you pair brand messaging with comprehensive strategy, an in-depth understanding of your audience, AND a one-of-a-kind design, you create the whole package.  A package that shows off your offerings and profoundly resonates with your clients and customers. 

So shake out your hand and get ready to write (or type) because today, our focus is on creating irresistible brand messaging to help your brand stand out in a saturated market.

What is Brand Messaging? 

Before we craft your brand messaging, we need to start with the basics. 

What in the world is brand messaging?

Impactful and memorable brand messaging is understandable by your audience, recognizes their struggles, and identifies their most desirable outcome. When you combine those foundational points with your brand's unique positioning, core values, and distinct personality, you create magnetic brand messaging. 

Your brand messaging is your secret sauce. It’s the specific way your brand communicates with your dream clients to create connections, inspire deep loyalty, and encourage more sales. 

Why Does Brand Messaging Strategy Matter?

Are you thinking, ‘Chelsea, does brand messaging really make a difference? Can’t my clients just SEE how freaking amazing I am?’

Yes, your entire branding, product or offer suite, and website design SHOULD show your clients and customers how freaking amazing you are. But wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you were showing AND telling them?

Let’s imagine what your business and messaging look like without a comprehensive brand messaging strategy. 

You might…

  • Feel sleazy drafting sales emails because you don’t regularly talk to your clients and only pop into their inboxes when you want something from them. 

  • Not inspire connection on Instagram because you put off writing captions for days (or weeks) before quickly typing out whatever is on your mind.

  • Get inquiries from clients who crave solutions you don’t offer, hold differing values, or compare you with 352 other businesses.

Now, picture your business with a solid brand messaging strategy. You’re…

  • Forming deep relationships with your newsletter subscribers because you chat frequently and they know you’re offering them impactful solutions. 

  • Confidently mapping out your content creation weeks in advance with a mix of posts that highlight your services AND make your dream clients feel understood.

  • Seeing your inbox light up with inquiries from clients who wait weeks to work with you, pay your prices, and are unbelievably excited about you!

By creating a brand messaging strategy, you’ll know exactly who you’re talking to, what to say, how to say it, and when to say it to call in your dream customers with ease. All while carving out your unique position in your market and working towards your big business goals.  

How Do You Create Magnetic Brand Messaging?

Now we know what brand messaging is and why brand messaging matters…but how do we craft it?

Let’s look at one of our past clients, Humankind, as an example of creating magnetic brand messaging and breakdown the process into 4 simple steps. 

  1. Tell your audience what you do and who it’s for.


“We provide strategic communications, advocacy, public affairs and storytelling consultancy to international NGOs and nonprofits with a specialisation in humanitarian, development, and refugee issues.”

Right away, we know what Humankind offers (strategic communications) and who they serve (international NGOs and nonprofits). When you share this information, you immediately cut out anyone who isn’t a part of your target market or isn't interested in what you have to offer.

  1. Build out your differentiation by focusing on why you do what you do and how you do it.

“We’re passionate about humanising stories to make them relatable to wide audiences. We believe that putting real people at the centre of an issue is the best way to capture hearts and minds.”

Next, Humankind expands on the why and how behind their work by describing their core purpose -  sharing genuine and empathetic stories to garner attention for their clients. This is where you get to share what drives your business and the difference you want to make. 

  1. Relate back to your clients’ and customers’ primary goals. 

“Our clients come to us because they’re looking for a consultancy that can work as an extension of their team. We build strong partnerships with our clients and bring them along every step of the way, working together towards a shared goal.”

Here, Humankind acknowledges their clients’ struggles and lets them know they are the solution. Your audience wants to know you understand where they’re coming from and what they’re hoping to achieve. 

  1. Add your brand’s personality, tone, and communication style to your messaging.

“Strategic communications for a kinder tomorrow.”

While working together on their strategy and design, we identified Humankind’s brand as inclusive, innovative, modern, and warm - which is exactly what their messaging and communication style reflects both in the content and the emotions invoked. Remember, just like your branding and design, your messaging also has a style (aka tone of voice). 

Crafting Magnetic Brand Messaging - With a Little Help

There you have it, friends! All the details on how to create magnetic brand messaging that calls in your dream clients and showcases your distinct brand personality. 

But, that’s not all I have for you. 

If you’re craving more support and insight into crafting a brand messaging strategy and effortless communicating with your audience then I’m so excited to introduce a new free live workshop all about creating your magnetic brand messaging:

Hone Your Magnetic Brand Message to Attract Dream Customers and Clients (With Less Effort)

Get started on crafting your one-of-a-kind brand messaging now by signing up for the workshop, I can’t wait to see you there.

Talk soon,


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